When it comes to birthday parties, many pull out all the stops. After all, you only get to celebrate your special day once every year. Now while that means you get to gain one year, it also means that you get to sum up all the best days of the past year. While every single birthday, right from the moment of birth, is important, some birthdays just count for a little something more special, and that is why they deserve a bigger and more unique celebration. One such occasion is the “turning of age”, the Great 18th Birthday. The day that you finally become an adult and that is exactly why Kara made sure that hers turned out to be the best moment of her life!

Congratulations Kara!

For Kara’s 18th Birthday Bash, which took place on the 8th of April, she decided to make her party fest stand out. One of the creative things that she did was to use an inspired and artistic neon workout theme, which not only made the event stand out but also resulted in a highly colorful and enjoyable time for all. While this may seem to be the best part of the birthday bash, it actually wasn’t; the best part was the presence of our professional photo booth. With the energetic and spirited guests of the birthday girl, this party photo booth was all that was needed.
All of the young people responded well to it and took lots of snaps in the cheap photo booth. Because a huge collection of props was also provided without charging anything extra for the newly-turned eighteen, all the guests were able to go into the nearest photo booth and to make a lot of memories with the high-quality props.
The photo team made sure that no service was provided without giving complete satisfaction to the host as well as her distinguished guests. Because of the animated and creative nature of the props, they worked out quite great with the neon workout theme of the party.


The events paparazzi were also present and they were witness to the huge success of the open party photo booth. Photos of the event were also taken and high appreciation was given to the snapshots taken with the professional photo booth that turned out to be the major success on the occasion, resulting in everyone having fun all night long!
If you also wish to arrange a special Happy Eighteenth for a special friend of yours or even for yourself, then you need to find out the location of our nearest photo booth and book it now to make the event a success. After all, with our cheap photo booth, not only will you get to have the best night of your life but with the photo team, who are dedicated to providing the finest of services, you will find a professional fun attitude not seen elsewhere. So, don’t think anymore; make your day THE best day!

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