The world we live in, means that cameras are every where… On streets, buildings, homes, and even in our pockets (mobile phones).
We are in a society that captures and shares every waking moment of our lives, whether we are out shopping, a special meal we have cooked, at a party or a wedding…Social media has definitively changed the way we view and share our pictures, from Facebook, Instagram to Twitter, all embedded into our lives, for some its a way of life, and others its a necessity…

The Openphotobooth has seen many changes over the last few years, so lets take a look at why we take pictures.

1.  There is a specific feeling attached to every picture.

We live extremely fast paced lives, moments are passing us by quicker than ever before, but with that our memories are infinitely filled with new memories, meaning a special moment, be it at a party, meeting a long lost friend, a wedding, or any social event are quickly all too distant memories. We are all trying to remember much more. The beauty of a picture is that it can take you back to that special moment in time in an instant, and remember that SPECIAL FEELING!

Take a look at this picture, three generations altogether for a great picture professionally captured by The Photo Team and their party photo booth. In years to come they will for sure remember the fun they had taking this picture and the event they all attended together, Grandfather, Father and Son…

2. Seeing is Believing

How much can our eyes take in? Do you remember every detail you saw today? Special moments can happen very quickly, pictures are great for reviewing things after the moment has passed. Great to look over those pictures and critic every detail at your own convenience.

Take a look at this great moment captured in two consecutive pictures by our photo booth hire, where did the lion come from? Only the people in this picture will know who the lion is…

3. Let pictures tell a story.

All big events in life are mostly captured professionally, at least by those who understand the difference of professionally captured pictures. Albums and photo books are still popular, however with social media it is very easy to tell a simple story through pictures digitally. The photo booth London and Kent could help do this, great pictures shared on social media from any event, or printed in an instant.

If your planning a special event, and you have hired a professional photographer to capture your event, I’m sure they will focus mainly on you and your immediate family, but who will be photographing your guests? Leave that to the digital photo booth… The Photo Team with their unique is exactly what every event needs, let your guests feel valued and let them have fun!

Take a look at some of these pictures and see how much fun your event might be missing if you don’t hire the Openphotobooths…

What is your story?

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Thanks for reading.

The Photo Team