Here are our top 12 favourite poses, what is your favourite?

We at the Photo Team lurrrrrrve taking photos and are able to build rapport with our guests straight away. We always give our guests the option to choose their most comfortable pose. Our guests either naturally fall into their normal pose or we have the daring guests who are ready to run with their crazy and fun personalities. Our favourite guests are the ones who are willing to try something new and happy to be guided by “us” the photographers. If they seem open to direction then we jump in and break out with some of our crazy ideas and look at the results we get…..

Here are our top 12 favourite poses, what is your favourite?

The doting couple

Ahh its great to capture a beautiful moment between two people in love and able to make the pose unique but so natural. This is perfect for any event but especially if you want to book our wedding photo booth.

Superb Social Event Photography

The bride with her entourage

Nothing like a pose with her bridesmaids to capture her special day!

The groom with his male entourage

A great pose with the groomsman before the drinks start flowing…

Beautiful Party Photo Hire London

Hiding your identity

Once the props are on then our guests go wild, with no care in the world and striking their most daring pose.

Our younger guests loving the props 

The open photobooth is like being in a toy shop for our younger guests and we let them run wild! This is perfect for a party photo booth.

Mind Blowing Party Photo Booth Hire London

Something for the ladies 

Nothing like a pose for our ladies to feel young, kool and sexy! We call it the supermodel look!

Something for the gentlemen 

This is the pose we have perfected for our male guests. A confident and swarve look aka The James Bond look.

A classic family pose

Its is so nice to see our family members come together and take a lovely picture. Look at the results!

The “boxer” look

Our boxing gloves are the highlight for any of our open photo booth events. It captures our guest’s eyes instantly, maybe because one of the gloves is giant in size! Look at some of our guests in full swing!

Best Party Photo Booth Hire London

“Look how many people we can get in the Open Photo Booth” look

This shot makes all our guests realise how unique we are as we can get as many as 10 guests rammed into one shot! That means no one misses out.

The “serious but cool” look

Ok poses for photos do not always have to be about smiling especially for the younger guests! So here is a clearly cool but natural shot.

The “story telling” look

Some of our poses are literally just telling a story. The best photobooth pictures are the ones where your eye is drawn into some action that tells a mini story.

Want us to capture your perfect pose then why not hire our photo booth? Whether you are based in London or Kent contact The Photo Team today to find your nearest open photo booth. We are guaranteed to provide you with an amazing photographer on the day who can help you strike your perfect look with our innovative props at great value, involving all ages. Your party will be guaranteed to be the talk of the town as we know how to pump up the energy and ensure everyone has fun! All images are of high resolution and can be downloaded from our website once you register. It is as simple as that!

See you soon!

Love, The Photo Team