AMAZING Props with every Open Photo Booth hire

The Photo Team’s Open Photo Booth comes with a variety of amazing props as standard, this is truly professional photo booth. Whether it is a wedding photo booth or a party photo booth or even a cheap photo booth your after to make your event that little bit extra special the is your nearest photo booth in […]

Why our Open Photo Booth?

Open Photo Booths by The Photo Team. We can provide your event with what we believe is the best professional photo booth you can have at your event, trust The Photo Team, we are extremely experienced professional photographers delivering digital photo booths in a truly professional way, we have a wealth of experience working with […]

The Open Photo Booth Experience…

The Open Photo Booth Experience… So people always ask us why an Open Photo Booth, how does it differ from a normal photo booth? We made this short video, its on Facebook, take a look, and you can see for yourself [pexflash pex_attr_src=”” pex_attr_width=”500″][/pexflash]

5 of the Best, from the Girls…

5 of the Best, from the Girls… After the Boys, we here at The Photo Team are sure that you ALL have been waiting for 5 of the best, from the girls… So let’s be honest, any countdown is difficult, so many good pictures to chose from, it was hard, but it comes down to […]

An Amazing Photography Service from Open Photo Booths London

An Amazing Photography Service from Open Photo Booths London Are you looking to relish the best moments of your life at an upcoming event or party your planning? Do you want a professional company to capture the best moments of your life? Well, you are at the right place, by The Photo Team offer a truly professional […]

Spend Event Photography Budgets Wisely

Spend Event Photography Budgets Wisely It’s all about managing the budgets when your planning an event or a party, we at The Photo understand this better than anyone. We have supplied our photographers and Open Photo Booths to a number of events and parties over the years in a number of different venues across the […]

5 of the Best, from the Boys…

5 of the Best, from the Boys… Photo Booth hire in London and Kent can be fun for any event or party, but have you ever wondered what the best pictures could look like from the best Photo Booth that you could hire? Well by The Photo Team produce the best quality pictures for […]

Standard Photo Booth vs Open Photo Booths

Standard Photo Booth vs Open Photo Booths A photo booth is a photo booth, right? WRONG. The Photo Team have developed an Open Photo Booth, which is challenging the status quo when it comes to a digital photo booth. So if you’re thinking of hiring a photo booth for your event in the near future, […]

Welcome to OpenPhotoBooths the home of Professional Photographers

Blue hair, grin on faces, boxing gloves in hand, it certainly has to be open photo booth. Time for you to make some fun, the will knock you out with its punching entertainment tag as a professional open photo booth. Kelly and her friends overwhelmingly relished, What are you waiting for? A call to […]

Style and Panache

The Open Photo is the ultimate must have at any wedding or function, it will give the event a Style and Panache like no other… The ‘No Limits’ special offer package offers the best value photo booth, combining features that others would normally charge for, 3hrs attendance, professional photographer, free unlimited prints, live view, online […]

Christmas Special Offer

Christmas is fast approaching, and those that are well organised will already have planned everything out and made the appropriate booking for their work Christmas party. SO have you thought about how to really make your Christmas party really special? We think that answer is by booking the Open Photo Booth. This service will engage […]

OPEN Photo Booth Vs. Standard photo booth

Photo Booth’s have become a very popular fixture at events in recent years, from weddings to birthday parties. But the question remains are all photo booths equal? Put simply, the answer is NO! Most photo booths provide a variety of print styles and in main the picture quality and type remain the same, which are […]

The Photo Team Launch the NEW Open Photo Booth Website

SAME Service, more information, The Photo Team are always being asked lots of questions about the Open Photo Booth, so we thought we would develop a specific website that addresses the most commonly asked questions!