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Why The Photo Team love Instagram

Why The Photo Team love Instagram

You may already know about Instagram but for those readers who are not familiar with this social media tool then here is a quick explanation. Instagram is a popular online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos of up to 15 seconds, and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. The app enables you to also alter the photos you take with your phone by adding filtered layers that imitate the look of low-end film cameras. Did you know that with over 150 million users, Instagram is one of the best and most-used photo sharing platform? There are over 55 million photos shared on Instagram every day! Instagram is blowing up, as a third of the world’s internet population is expected to be on the photo-sharing site by 2018!


The Photo Team loves Instagram as it can be hard to communicate in words, and sometimes photos make the task easier, especially when you’re bumping up against character limitations. This is why we love expressing ourselves through our photos so you can see the world through our eyes. This is our means of communicating visually with you all.


We #love hash tagging away key words that will capture your attention and summarise our images for you, it brings our #photos to life and helps your imagination create a #little story.


Instagram is a great way to connect with our fans and let our clients old and new as well as followers come into our world and understand what we do from the venues we visit to the beautiful styles we create. We capture photos from our well known wedding photo booths and party photo booths to our corporate events and post it instantly for you to see. We are constantly active on Instagram and able to respond instantly to messages via this tool as well as through emails, calls and Facebook.



The Photo Team are proud to boast over a whopping 10,000 Instagram followers who have fallen in love with our work from the quotes to the poses. We have received wonderful comments from clients and followers who appreciate our artwork and we thank you for this.


We like to share posts numerous times a week to show you what we do, what we create and how often we can make the magic happen.


So why not keep us in mind for any of your future events and hire a photo booth or book a photographer for your corporate events to experience these wonderful poses and make them into exciting memories.


Thanks for reading


Love, The Photo Team

What makes a good photographer?

What makes a good photographer?

When any client is looking for a professional photographer whether it be for a wedding, party or corporate event the first thing they will look for is their website. A website that is fresh and up to date as well as relaying clear, relevant and concise information. It is also common for clients to look out for examples of previous photography work so that they understand what the company delivers and why they are unique. This is exactly what we have done at The Photo Team and hence why we have been successful to date. We are able to summarise our achievements and services on our website without using too many words and to give clients a snapshot of what our unique selling point is by showing beautiful and professional images. This in turn makes such an impact and enables all our clients to make the right choice by choosing us. The text that is chosen to describe the services provided, the key objectives of the company and type of work that has been delivered is also visually clear and easy to understand.



What is most important is to be able to deliver everything that has been stated on the website. This is why we at The Photo Team only hire the best photographers who not only understand what we do but provide an exemplary service on the day which will not only make the experience memorable but the photographer too!


Here is what makes our photographers special:



All the photographers at The Photo Team breath, sleep and dream photography, they are all true grafters and are therefore experts in their field! They are fully ambitious and strive to always deliver an excellent service on the day whether it be capturing amazing photos or even communicating effectively with their subjects to build rapport. Their turn around time is also second to none and the photographers work to tight deadlines with most event pictures being delivered by 9am the following day.


Attention to detail

Our photographers seize the moment and know how to notice and bring out the beauty in objects as well as taking breath taking natural shots of people. They realise that good lighting, right angle, good background, and distinctive face expressions are essential components of a memorable shot.



Our photographers are always creative and are able to intuitively judge what makes a great photograph. They will always work with the lighting, composition, and focus to make that vision a reality. All our photographers are storytellers and know how to capture those perfect moments.



People skills

We employ photographers who are not afraid to interact with people and are able to bring out the best in the subjects by trying out quirky and unique poses. They are all patient and have the natural ability to put people at ease while they are being photographed.


Technical skills

Our photographers have excellent technical skills and can easily handle photography equipment, such as digital cameras and lighting, as well as software programs to edit photographs.


Hand-Eye Coordination

Our photographers know how to handle their equipment from changing printing paper to changing the camera lense or the battery in the flash lights. This way no time is wasted and everything is running smoothly.




So book us today for an open photo booth experience or even for your corporate events. We are guaranteed to make the whole experience easy, fun and will always exceed your expectations.


Thanks for reading!


Love, The Photo Team

A Good Light Perfected

A Good Light Perfected

Did you know that the very word “Photography” comes from Greek words? “Photo” means light and “Graphics” means drawing. Hence why photography can be described as “Drawing with Light”.

Photography lighting can be the difference between a breathtaking photo and a terrible one. We all know that without good lighting, a photograph can be grainy and blurred. At The Photo Team our Professional photographers understand the relationship between their camera settings and the light that they have available. Different kinds of light can create different effects in a photograph. If a photographer knows how the light will change the picture, he or she can create the exact photo that they want. Good lighting determines a nice tone, atmosphere and mood.



The following equipment also assists our photographers to perfect the correct lighting for the studio environment:


Flash Heads

Studio flash heads have several advantages for the photographer because they are powerful, and give out much more power than the average portable flash.

Having lots of power means that you can control the light in interesting ways, you can manipulate the light using umbrellas to diffuse the light and soften the shadows.


Light Stands

Its important to have these to support the flash heads and ensure that the light source is positioned away from the camera. The stands allow the photographer to position the light at the appropriate distance and angle from the subject.



Umbrellas are used in photography to soften the effect of flash. Without them then the image will be overpowered by shadows.


​Our Open Photo Booth photographers always allow for plenty of time in order to test the environment for the correct lighting and to make sure the photography work station is set out in an orderly fashion. Testing will ensure that when photos are taken the process will be quick and amazing photos are produced without having to retake numerous times.

The Photo Team hire professional photographers who have mastered how to create those perfect photos with the magic of correct lighting. Therefore each image is of high quality creating beautiful and instant shots. No one will walk away disappointed. Contact us today for your nearest open photo booth and allow our photographers to give you something to remember.



Thanks for reading!

Love, The Photo Team

Click out the old and Focus in the new

Click out the old and Focus in the new

New Year’s Day provides us the chance to celebrate having made it through another 365 days and make us reminisce about what we achieved in the last year vs what our New Year’s Resolutions will be for the forthcoming year.

Here is how “we”, The Photo Team did with some of our New Year’s Resolutions of 2016:


Increasing our Instagram followers

We increased our Instagram fans to over a mighty 10,000 followers!!!! Our followers span all across the globe and have really appreciated the work we have uploaded and the events we have attended. Our daily interaction with the public has helped our fan base increase dramatically which has wanted them screaming for more! We would like to thank our followers for all their lovely feedback and love!



Taking ever more bookings for the Open Photo Booth and Corporate Events

We have had the privilege to attend many prestigious events such as the Dorchester Hotel, Cafe De Paris, Portcullis House (UK Parliament) and Intercontinental Hotel Park Lane to capture beautiful lasting memories for their corporate events. The Open Photo Booth has also been an extreme hit due to its simplicity in pricing, recommendation from word of mouth, uniqueness in what can be delivered and the experienced photographers to hand.



Summer of 2016 took many wedding open photo booth bookings as well as seeing a surge in December 2016 for the Christmas open photo booth bookings. We were lucky to have been invited back by the same clients but delighted to have been invited by new clients who had appreciated the work they had already seen.



Increasing the number of Blogs we upload

We have certainly been getting our creative juices flowing in the last 6 months and have been able to share various articles with you whether it be from top tips from the photographers themselves to understanding what The Photo Team stands for and what makes us unique. Click here to catch up on our latest blogs!


Our website

Our website will be going through a makeover and will be ready very soon! Watch this space! In the meantime you will be pleased to know that in the last few months we gave our website a slight touch up:

1.) We now have a simple information menu that tells you why we are different from the other photo booths on the market. Click here for more information.

2.) Booking us is even more easier as all you need to do is fill in a simple booking form and payment can also now be made via paypal to make it a trouble-free process.


3.) We now have a “Blog” page for our happy readers so they can share our experiences and stories.


So whatever your New Year’s Resolution is this year, don’t forget to book us for any party or event you will be holding. We are easy to contact and converse with and are ready to start your New Year with a big bang!

Happy New Year All and thank you again for all your love and support!

Love, The Photo Team

What is your favourite pose?

What is your favourite pose?

We at the Photo Team lurrrrrrve taking photos and are able to build rapport with our guests straight away. We always give our guests the option to choose their most comfortable pose. Our guests either naturally fall into their normal pose or we have the daring guests who are ready to run with their crazy and fun personalities. Our favourite guests are the ones who are willing to try something new and happy to be guided by “us” the photographers. If they seem open to direction then we jump in and break out with some of our crazy ideas and look at the results we get…..

Here are our top 12 favourite poses, what is your favourite?


The doting couple 

Ahh its great to capture a beautiful moment between two people in love and able to make the pose unique but so natural. This is perfect for any event but especially if you want to book our wedding photo booth.


The bride with her entourage

Nothing like a pose with her bridesmaids to capture her special day!


The groom with his male entourage

A great pose with the groomsman before the drinks start flowing…


Hiding your identity

Once the props are on then our guests go wild, with no care in the world and striking their most daring pose.


Our younger guests loving the props 

The open photobooth is like being in a toy shop for our younger guests and we let them run wild! This is perfect for a party photo booth.


Something for the ladies 

Nothing like a pose for our ladies to feel young, kool and sexy! We call it the supermodel look!


Something for the gentlemen 

This is the pose we have perfected for our male guests. A confident and swarve look aka The James Bond look.


A classic family pose

Its is so nice to see our family members come together and take a lovely picture. Look at the results!


The “boxer” look

Our boxing gloves are the highlight for any of our open photo booth events. It captures our guest’s eyes instantly, maybe because one of the gloves is giant in size! Look at some of our guests in full swing!


“Look how many people we can get in the Open Photo Booth” look

This shot makes all our guests realise how unique we are as we can get as many as 10 guests rammed into one shot! That means no one misses out.


The “serious but cool” look

Ok poses for photos do not always have to be about smiling especially for the younger guests! So here is a clearly cool but natural shot.


The “story telling” look

Some of our poses are literally just telling a story. The best photobooth pictures are the ones where your eye is drawn into some action that tells a mini story.


Want us to capture your perfect pose then why not hire our photo booth? Whether you are based in London or Kent contact The Photo Team today to find your nearest open photo booth. We are guaranteed to provide you with an amazing photographer on the day who can help you strike your perfect look with our innovative props at great value, involving all ages. Your party will be guaranteed to be the talk of the town as we know how to pump up the energy and ensure everyone has fun! All images are of high resolution and can be downloaded from our website once you register. It is as simple as that!

See you soon!

Love, The Photo Team

Picture this!

Picture this!

Did you know that in 2016 more people were searching for photo booth rentals than DJ hires in 15 of North America’s largest cities? Photo booth rentals have also become popular in other countries such as Canada, Australia, and the UK. So far in 2016 there is an average of 226,000 monthly searches for a photo booth globally, this has risen by 48.9% since 2015 and in the UK alone this is nearly 20,000 searches a month which is phenomenal!

We at The Photo Team know we have to stay competitive and that is why our admin team are always looking at how we can stay on par with trends and provide a unique service to our clients. What makes us unique is that we want to be seen as a trend setter and hence why we stay on top of the game by researching and brainstorming ideas on how to attract new clients whether it be through social media or other means of promotion. We are fortunate to be able to also attract new and existing clients through the work we have already produced and by word of mouth.

The Photo Team are able to work across the UK and are able to resource photographers, assistants and admin staff for any event whether it be for a corporate/conference event, wedding photo booth or a party photo booth. We believe in providing a professional service which means when you book us we provide innovative pricing, are very responsive and an experienced team who truly believe in communicating with their clients from start to finish.

Picture this… a friendly admin team member calling you to finalise your booking and to ensure everything is as you need, on the day being greeted by a smiley photographer and assistant who is fully briefed and ready to set up as needed in plenty of time. Most importantly they help get the event started by building rapport with guests while you can relax and know that your booking is in safe hands with the professionals at, The Photo Team!

So do not be shy give us a call and hire a photo booth or even book us for a corporate event, you will be amazed with the results.

Love, The Photo Team

Have a White Balance Christmas

Have a White Balance Christmas

Office Christmas parties are widely regarded as the biggest social event in the calendar. It is an opportunity to let your hair down, mingle with colleagues and converse about non work related topics as well as getting your glad rags on!

Of course the theme, venue and location of the event is important but what is even more significant is the entertainment at the party! This is an opportunity to show your staff that you care about them and to show them how much they are appreciated. There are the standard DJs, live bands and unlimited drinks at the bar however all this is seen as the norm and is expected each year. The key to bringing the “wow” factor to your corporate event is to provide something to your guests which they will not be expecting at all, an Open Photo Booth!

We at The Photo Team can provide an experienced photographer and their elves who can get your guests into the Christmas spirit, providing light humour and bringing a beautiful smile on your guest’s faces which in turn will produce entertaining and impressive photos. The quality of the photos will be exceptionally good and you and your guests will value them as a Christmas ornament.

The gift to our clients is that we are affordable and although we may be a cheap photo booth we provide a service that can not even be compared to other photo booth companies.

So do not be seen as a Grinch but instead a Saint and treat your staff to an Open Photo Booth Christmas experience with The Photo Team. With just under four weeks to go, dates are limited so contact us today to hire a photo booth.

Wishing all our new and existing clients a very Merry Christmas and looking forward to working with you in 2017!

Lots of Love from, The Photo Team

Kindness Day

Kindness Day

Kindness Day UK is celebrated on World Kindness day and is an annual celebration on 13th November. It is a day to celebrate and promote kindness in all its forms. Show some kindness today and make a difference to someone’s day. No matter how small your gesture is, it all counts!

We at the Photo Team believe that the best way to make your guests feel appreciated is to provide them with a gift that will really get them excited, provide a lot of fun and give them something they can keep as a lasting memory. If you are thinking of a big birthday, bar mitzvah, a corporate event, hiring a wedding photo booth or even a party photo booth, then think of us and view the previous events that we have attended to see the quality of our photos and how we provide a service like no other. A cheap photo booth we maybe but the best thing is that our service is out of this world, that is why we are constantly recommended to new clients by former clients. Therefore, why not book The Open Photo Booth and show your guests how much you value them for attending your special day by hiring a professional photo booth with an amazing photographer. A warm smile is the universal language of kindness and this smile is what you will get in return from your happy attendees captured in a beautiful photo.

Booking us is so simple you choose the package, fill in our online booking form and you leave the rest of the hard work to us! Our helpful admin team are always at hand to answer any of your questions before you book, so if you have any hesitations then we are here to put your mind at ease and make the process as easy as possible. Contact us today for your nearest photo booth and remember how beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it! So make a difference to your party and hire a photo booth to make a good event into a spectacular event.

Thanks for reading!

Love from The Photo Team

Tips for beginner photographers

Tips for beginner photographers

Photography is a popular hobby for all age ranges. Whether you just use the camera at special events or take it up professionally it is used by the vast population as a way of capturing and sharing special moments with loved ones across the globe. With many keen photographers ready to start a hobby and eventually a profession in photography it can be daunting as you do not where to start, how much to spend or what to spend your money on.

Here are some quick tips from the The Photo Team’s photographers to help you get on the right track:


Do not buy expensive equipment

There is no point in spending thousands straight away on a very expensive camera when you are just at the beginning stages of understanding the beauty of photography. Start with an inexpensive camera such as a digital camera or compact camera and get comfortable with the camera’s features. Once you understand the basics you can then choose to buy a camera that will feel comfortable to you.

Click here to understand the main differences between a compact camera, a superzoom camera, DSLR camera and compact system cameras.


Buy an inexpensive tripod

Perfect for those shaky hands. Sometimes it is better to buy a tripod just to understand how it works and understand the timer function. You never know when you will need it in the future.


Make notes along the way

Keep a notepad with you at all times. This will help you keep a track of what has worked well, what has not and what you are planning on capturing next. With new technology you can even just add notes to your phone so its easier to manage.


Always keep your camera with you and keep clicking away

At the beginning stages your camera will be very small and compact so perfect for you carry around with you and snap away when you can. Photo opportunities can come up when you least expect it so a little tip is to always have it to hand.


Do not be afraid to experiment

The best way to learn is to just click away and experiment with the features of the camera. Understand how photos are captured in different lights, angles and the best way to capture different subjects such as people, objects and even nature.


Take your time with photography and make sure your framing and composition are as good as possible before you take the shot. Practice makes perfect!


Thanks for reading!


Love, The Photo Team

Who are the Open Photo Booth team?

Who are the Open Photo Booth team?

The Open Photo Booth has been running for nearly half a decade and in the last 6 months have been producing an outstanding open photo booth service to private clients and clients such as Sainsburys, The National Guard Lodge and The Royal Engineers. However, what makes it really special is that the Open Photo Booth is also part of The Photo Team which also boasts services such as Conference photography, Events Paparazzi and Corporate Photography. The Photo Team take photos at many Corporate client events and in the last few months have had the honour to take photos at Portcullis house (UK Parliament) at Westminster, GE Capital, Newsweaver, NPL Europe conference and Nestle.

Not many photo booth providers can say they are run by professional photographers and this is what makes us stand miles apart from our competitors. We are not just a walking gimmick with props and a cheap camera. We hire the best photographers in the field with years of experience who are ready to provide an exemplary service from a party photo booth experience to a corporate event.

Our reputation has excelled by the fact that we hire professional members of staff behind the scenes to answer your questions and make the booking process easy to, photographers who are fully briefed beforehand so they are able to provide a seamless service on the day. We repeatedly get invited by our clients to take photos year on year as we price competitively, they have confidence in the quality of work we produce and we are able to provide a multi purpose photography service such as corporate photos during the day and professional photo booth in the evening.

We class ourselves as a Premier Event Photography Service and have a network of photographers who are able to cover any type of event across the UK. Nothing is too much for us as we have an ample number of admin staff and photographers to help on an event at any given time. Whether it be for the photo booth or a client event, the admin team always ensure that The Photo Team are able to provide a top service to our clients. They are able to do this by getting all the finer details from the client and checking in a few days before the event to make sure they have enough information to brief the photographers. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and experience and know that no client will be left disappointed.

So why not look into us for a future corporate event or even if you need to hire a digital photo booth. Call us today.

Kind regards from, The Photo Team

A defrightful time with The Open Photo Booths

A defrightful time with The Open Photo Booth

Halloween is just over a week away, so we thought we would write about the other scary photo booth companies out there! Only joking…

Here is a recent Halloween Party we were invited to…

This October, The Open Photo Booth were delighted to be invited to the Sainsbury’s annual Halloween Party! All guests parked their brooms at the door and entered into an eerie venue with amazing decor. The party was hauntingly fun and every WITCH way you turned the guests looked amazing in their scary costumes from Uncle Fester to characters from the Purge to witnessing spellbinding innovative make up skills which looked very real!

We carved out a good time for the guests as they were able to experience our party photo booth like never before. We captured photos with over 10 people in one shot which means that everyone got a piece of the action and we can honestly say they were all tickled to their bones. Have a look at some of the unique photos we took and how you can not even compare us to any other cheap photo booth.
Our digital photo booth went down a storm as we brought the ghost of good cheer with us. Over 300 guests wanted a hair raising photo and were blown away by the magical spell we created and voila an instant print out of the photo was developed so they could take it as a keep sake and remember the gh’oul times.
We cast a spell on everyone as they came back for more photos at our professional photo booth and were mesmorised by our own props which they wore on top of their own!
So do not be a scaredy cat, experience the fun and hire a photo booth today! We will give you a positively defrightful time with the Photo Booth London and Photo Booth Kent.
Contact us today for your nearest photo booth and we will guarantee you with chills and thrills!
From all at The Photo Team have a spooktacular day and a FANG-tastic Halloween, Happy Trick or Treating!!!
Watch out for the killer clown!

A Guide to Portrait Photography

A Guide to Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is photography of a person or group of people that captures the personality of a subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses. Ultimately it is about bringing out the best in someone. Some people believe they are photogenic and some do not. It all comes down to how comfortable someone feels in front of the camera, the pose and lighting. The Photo Team hires many professional photographers who are able to help their subjects feel comfortable and create a shot that summarises their personality.



The key things to remember when taking portrait photos are:


Understand your subjects

It is not just about getting the lighting correct, photographers need to get to know their subject by asking them questions about how they would like a photo to be taken. By engaging with their subjects the photographer will learn a lot more about their personality and will be able to build a perfect picture that summarises them. This in turn will help them feel comfortable and ready to work with the camera. The more photos the photographer takes in 30 seconds the more comfortable the person in front of the camera will feel. At the Photo Team we believe in building a fantastic rapport with our guests and clients and this helps us capture timeless photos.



Always test the environment before taking photos

Photographers need to allow for plenty of time in order to test the environment for the correct lighting. Will natural light be sufficient or will artificial light be needed? Testing this first will ensure that when you do take photos the process will be quick and you are able to produce instant beautiful photos without having to retake numerous times. Our Open Photo Booth staff always ensure they arrive to the venue in plenty of time to allow for any testing and to make sure the photography work station is set out in an orderly fashion.
When taking a photo photographers tend to look further than their subject to minimise any background distractions so the face is the main focal point. As our back drops are subtle and simple our guest portraits will always be clear and defined as we will be able to enhance their features.


Emphasise the eyes

Eyes tell a thousand stories so a true photographer will be able to bring out the character of the subject by focusing on the window to the souls. The eyes need to be sharp so that it can bring out the rest of the photo.



Do not always stand in the same spot to take a photo

Photographers need to be able to move around and take several photos to be able to show their subjects the substantial difference between each angle and how it can be at their advantage. If taking a photo of a young child then lower yourselves to their level. The key point is to always be at your subject’s eye level.


Camera settings

Environmental factors can negatively influence skin colour. In such cases, overpower the existing light by adding a reflector or strobe.


These simple steps will bring out the best in any portrait photos and that is why we at The Photo Team have been able to get the photos just right. The photos say it all!


So book us today to experience these amazing poses.


Thanks for reading!

Love from, The Photo Team

How to improve your Smartphone photography

How to improve your Smartphone photography

Smartphones now take more photos than any other device, including digital cameras, with 60% of adults saying they use it most to take a snap, rising to almost nine in ten (89%) of 16-24 year olds. Just over one in five adults (22%) mostly use their digital camera.

People in the UK took an estimated 1.2 billion ‘selfies’ in the past year. Nearly a third (31%) of UK adults admit to taking a selfie, with one in ten (11%) doing so at least once a week. Thanks to our mobile devices and the editing apps that come with them, we can now take high quality photos and edit them without too much trouble.

The Photo Team may use DSLR cameras to take fantastic photos at The Open Photo Booth but we have witnessed excited guests pulling out their phones from their handbags/pockets at the party photo booths and wedding photo booths wanting to take their own photos in our funky props. The problem is some guests struggle to get the right photo of themselves or even someone struggles to take a photo of them.

So we thought why not help our clients and guests get the perfect click by providing you with the following simple pointers:

Understand your phone camera settings

They key thing is to understand your phone settings. Each phone will be different but they should all be able to let you choose various options and select the exposure, focus and white balance before you take your photo.

Have a high resolution on your phone

This will help the quality of your photos. Also the better shots are when you move closer to your subject and take a photo rather than zooming in too much.


As a key note the front camera has a low resolution compared to the back camera so the images will not be excellent especially in dull lighting! This is because front cameras are not even meant to be for photos but for video conferencing such as facetime. Hence why the selfie stick has been a great discovery and excellent for those photos where you want to capture yourself and your surroundings at a different angle and incorporate better lighting too.

Always clean the lense of your phone camera

This is such a simple thing to remember and so important but yet we always forget to do this. The lense can pick up specks of dust and dirt from anywhere so it is always wise to give it a quick clean with a cloth. It will make such a difference to the quality of your photos and therefore wont pick up unnecessary shadows or marks.

Do not always take a straight on shot.

Experiment with the angles, lighting and your composition and most importantly move yourself around!

Photo editing apps

With new technology you can now gain extra help with the apps available to give your photos that special touch.


You can not go wrong by following these simple steps!


Thanks for reading

Love from, The Photo Team

Keep calm and hire The Open Photo Booth

Keep calm and hire The Open Photo Booth

The Photo Team has been in full swing with its ever so popular Open Photo Booth at some fantastic wedding venues this year.

We have had the pleasure to be providing the professional open photo booth service to clients in London and Kent. We can honestly say our digital photo booth has been very busy and travelling to some prestigious wedding venues from the “Heritage venue of the year, 2015” Lympne castle (Kent) to the epitome of contemporary elegance, The Intercontinental Hotel, Park Lane (London). We are the entertainment for any party. This is evident from the queue full of excited guests all ready for their turn to get into position, the energised photographers and assistants to ensure the perfect shot is taken and the great instant feedback we receive. We attract all age groups from young to old and let our guests be who they want to be so they can look back at their photo and reminisce about the event itself.

So if you are looking for something fun, quirky and different then why not book our wedding photo booth and see why it is so popular. We are guaranteed to put the “wow” into the biggest day of your life and keep your guests happy. Here are some reasons why we are inundated with bookings and why you should not miss out on our service.


Guaranteed entertainment

Book us and you will see that the area that we occupy will be busy, the hustle and bustle will draw more guests in, intrigued to find out what the commotion is about.

The difference with our photo booth is that you are not just hauled into a tiny box. Each guest is given full attention by a photographer who is on hand to ensure your experience is enjoyable and memorable. Its simple, you queue, you pick a prop, you get into position or our lovely photographer/ assistant will help you select your creative pose and SNAP! The photo is taken!


Fun! Fun! Fun!

The Open Photo Booth definitely has the x factor. It is a quality that you cannot describe that makes us very special. Each service we provide is consistent, unique, interactive, fun and you can get a number of people in a photo rather than experiencing a cheap and tacky photo booth! If you have not tried us before then we pre-warn you that you will be blown away when you book our party photo booth or wedding photo booth.


Amazing keepsake for the happily married couple and guests

If you choose our “special offer no limits” package starting from £399 then we will also throw in a photo guest book. This will mean that when we take a photo, two copies will be printed. One copy for the guest and one copy for the book so it can be stuck down and guests can write a message to our happily married couple. How special is that! Digital prints can also be downloaded from our website. You will never be left disappointed with the entertainment or quality of the photos because we are confident in the service we provide.


We give our clients everything they need to make a party great at a wedding, and are open to everything and anything, to make it a memorable day for our client and their guests and get them talking for years to come! Contact us for your nearest photo booth, tell us what you are looking for and lets create some wonderful memories! We promise we will make everything run smoothly from the booking process to the actual day itself.


We want to help make your big day even bigger! So call us today!


Love from, The Photo Team

World Smile Day

World Smile Day

Today is an international awareness day called “World Smile Day”. The first Friday of October each year marks World Smile Day, a day to do one act of kindness and make someone crack a smile! Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes from a simple smile to a stranger to a meaningful gift to a loved one. We at the Photo Team provide party photo booths and wedding photo booths in London and Kent at an affordable price. Although we are a cheap photo booth we want to make our clients happy and therefore will go out of our way to ensure they have a memorable event. On the day of your event our photographers and admin staff will welcome you with their wonderful smiles, assist you and your guests and tell you what you need to do whether it be picking a suitable prop or pose. We will ensure we will go the extra mile to give you the time of your life! What makes us really special is the quality of our work which is like no other, this is further attributed by the wonderful comments and feedback from guests on the day.


Remember no act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted and with our digital photo booths starting from £299 you can do just that as booking us will make a difference to your guests. Our professional photo booths can be booked for any event and will be guaranteed to bring a smile on all your guest’s faces!


So why not contact us to find your nearest photo booth and hire a photo booth for your event. You will be providing it as a gift to your guests to thank them for attending your special day and in return you will receive the best gift from them, their happy smiles!


Here are 3 simple ways to spread kindness:

  1. Compliment someone you come across. You could make a huge difference and change a bad day to a very good day!
  2. Volunteer with a charity that is close to you and spread a little bit of kindness.
  3. Smile they are infectious and are free!


Thanks for reading and keep smiling!


Love from The Photo Team

National Photographer Appreciation Month

National Photographer Appreciation Month

Photos are so important as they connect us to people, we feel part of a special memory and as you know memories are so powerful. We can look back at a certain photo from a special event and relive the moment. Images bring back different memories and emotions for different people. The beauty of taking photos is that nothing is missed from the colours to the setting to the facial expressions. What really makes a difference is how the photos are taken, quality of the photos and not forgetting the photographer themselves!

National Photographer Appreciation Month is an annual designation observed in October. It is a time to appreciate all those talented and committed photographers out there who appreciate how important photos are to us. The Photo Team have a pool of photographers who are always working hard day and night in making our clients happy when they hire a photo booth. Our Open Photo Booth is always so busy and popular and this is because our “word of mouth recommendations” makes us hard to beat. People who have experienced the Open Photo Booth London and Open Photo Booth Kent will be able to vouch for an excellent service including a friendly photographer who will build rapport with you and your guests and bring your party alive. We at The Photo Team believe that hiring the most friendliest and flexible staff is very important in order for clients to recommend us to friends, family and colleagues.

It is not just the photography equipment that is important it’s the characteristics and traits of a photographer that makes them stand out and make guests pick up a business card on the day of the event and want to know what else we can offer, enquire about how our pricing works and think of recommending us to their nearest and dearest who could be hosting an event in the forthcoming year.

You will certainly appreciate our photographers when you book our services for the Party Photo Booth or Wedding Photo Booth. The professional photo booth comes with a professional photographer who can make your guests laugh, make crying babies smile for the camera with their wonderful props and even able to help position your guests to produce beautiful flattering poses. So please do contact us for your nearest photo booth to experience the fun!
From the admin team at The Photo Team we salute all our photographers for working so hard on our digital photo booths, producing great photos and making The Open Photo Booth so successful.


Thanks for reading!




The Photo Team