Why The Photo Team love Instagram

Why The Photo Team love Instagram You may already know about Instagram but for those readers who are not familiar with this social media tool then here is a quick explanation. Instagram is a popular online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos of up to […]

What makes a good photographer?

What makes a good photographer? When any client is looking for a professional photographer whether it be for a wedding, party or corporate event the first thing they will look for is their website. A website that is fresh and up to date as well as relaying clear, relevant and concise information. It is also […]

A Good Light Perfected

A Good Light Perfected Did you know that the very word “Photography” comes from Greek words? “Photo” means light and “Graphics” means drawing. Hence why photography can be described as “Drawing with Light”. Photography lighting can be the difference between a breathtaking photo and a terrible one. We all know that without good lighting, a […]

Click out the old and Focus in the new

Click out the old and Focus in the new New Year’s Day provides us the chance to celebrate having made it through another 365 days and make us reminisce about what we achieved in the last year vs what our New Year’s Resolutions will be for the forthcoming year. Here is how “we”, The Photo […]

What is your favourite pose?

What is your favourite pose? We at the Photo Team lurrrrrrve taking photos and are able to build rapport with our guests straight away. We always give our guests the option to choose their most comfortable pose. Our guests either naturally fall into their normal pose or we have the daring guests who are ready […]

Picture this!

Picture this! Did you know that in 2016 more people were searching for photo booth rentals than DJ hires in 15 of North America’s largest cities? Photo booth rentals have also become popular in other countries such as Canada, Australia, and the UK. So far in 2016 there is an average of 226,000 monthly searches […]

Have a White Balance Christmas

Have a White Balance Christmas Office Christmas parties are widely regarded as the biggest social event in the calendar. It is an opportunity to let your hair down, mingle with colleagues and converse about non work related topics as well as getting your glad rags on! Of course the theme, venue and location of the […]

Kindness Day

Kindness Day Kindness Day UK is celebrated on World Kindness day and is an annual celebration on 13th November. It is a day to celebrate and promote kindness in all its forms. Show some kindness today and make a difference to someone’s day. No matter how small your gesture is, it all counts! We at […]

Tips for beginner photographers

Tips for beginner photographers Photography is a popular hobby for all age ranges. Whether you just use the camera at special events or take it up professionally it is used by the vast population as a way of capturing and sharing special moments with loved ones across the globe. With many keen photographers ready to […]

Who are the Open Photo Booth team?

Who are the Open Photo Booth team? The Open Photo Booth has been running for nearly half a decade and in the last 6 months have been producing an outstanding open photo booth service to private clients and clients such as Sainsburys, The National Guard Lodge and The Royal Engineers. However, what makes it really […]

How to improve your Smartphone photography

How to improve your Smartphone photography Smartphones now take more photos than any other device, including digital cameras, with 60% of adults saying they use it most to take a snap, rising to almost nine in ten (89%) of 16-24 year olds. Just over one in five adults (22%) mostly use their digital camera. People […]

Keep calm and hire The Open Photo Booth

Keep calm and hire The Open Photo Booth The Photo Team has been in full swing with its ever so popular Open Photo Booth at some fantastic wedding venues this year. We have had the pleasure to be providing the professional open photo booth service to clients in London and Kent. We can honestly say […]

World Smile Day

World Smile Day Today is an international awareness day called “World Smile Day”. The first Friday of October each year marks World Smile Day, a day to do one act of kindness and make someone crack a smile! Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes from a simple smile to a stranger to a meaningful […]

National Photographer Appreciation Month

National Photographer Appreciation Month Photos are so important as they connect us to people, we feel part of a special memory and as you know memories are so powerful. We can look back at a certain photo from a special event and relive the moment. Images bring back different memories and emotions for different people. […]

Who should you book with?

Who should you book with? It is always so difficult trying to figure out which photo company to pick for your special event especially as there are so many on the market with their own spin of what photography means to them. You need a service that is reliable, trustworthy and won’t let you down […]