When is a Photo Booth not a Photo Booth?

When your looking to make your event that little bit extra special, and you think ‘Photo Booth’!

Make sure you look for a photo booth that can deliver something special…

Pictures that you will cherish, pictures that will make you laugh for years to come, and pictures that will be fitting to be framed!

Look at this picture, what do you see?
Fun, enjoyment, picture magic?
Yes, that’s right, everything that a photo booth picture should deliver and more…
So ask yourself when was the last time you experienced a photo booth which delivered quality pictures, instead of poorly snap mug shots?
One where you and your guests will really enjoy, not just gimmicky pictures with awful tacky props, but pictures where you and your guests become the props!
This is when your event elevates to a really chic event, which will really WOW your guests, more than just an ordinary photo booth, this is when you know you have booked the Open Photo Booth by The Photo Team.
Finally a photo booth that delivers a result that will really make magic moments happen.
Whatever the occasion you might have arranged, thephototeam.co.uk team will make it an amazing event, you can trust the team to work hard with our professional photographers and imaginative pictures, we will leave nothing to chance!
You and your guests will feel like celebrities, as this is what makes our Open Photo Booths really special. They are open, socially interactive, and a truly wonderful experience for you and all your guests young and old!
Our professional photographers will pull everyone one in young and old, so everyone will enjoy every moment, they are all trained to not only take great pictures, but to make everyone laugh at the same time.
So you think you cant afford it, well think again, prices start from only £249, and with all inclusive packages starting from as little as £379, you can have it all.
So what are you waiting for?
Stop searching for a digital photo booth which will exceed expectations, because you have found the one and only Open Photo Booth by The Photo Team.
The nearest photo booth in London and Kent offers everything for any event or party or wedding occasion. Open Photo Booths is amazingly versatile and will satisfy even the toughest of guests, so just search out the openphotobooths.co.uk and add that little extra something to your event.

Make it an event that everyone will be talking about for years to come, as well as sharing their pictures on social media with out any shame!


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