See what stories you can create from the images?

Everyone loves narration and storytelling – it is something about a story’s beginning, middle and end that makes us feel more of a completeness and understanding of our own lives. Photos and pictures are always guaranteed to bring words alive and sometimes no words are needed but just the ability of our imaginations to view a picture and set its mind free.

Our photographers are quick on their feet and instantly know when to take a photo of that “a-ha” moment. They are bold, confident and experienced to get into the heart of the photos at any Corporate event. This is always done by building rapport with the subjects, using height to their advantage to get a different angle and being the constant eyes and ears of their surroundings to get ready for the next photo opportunity.

The photos captured by The Photo Team always tell a little story and makes our imaginations run wild. Typical thoughts that would run through the viewers heads are “I wonder what the event was like?”, “What music were they playing for them to strike that pose on the dance floor?” and ” I wonder what the person in front of the lense was thinking about when the photo was taken?” Those memorable moments have be captured by a photographer who appreciates and understands what can create a unique photo. Essential points that are embedded in their minds are to focus on the subject’s expressions and body language with the beauty of the surroundings.

So this week we thought we would share some photos where we thought a story could be derived from the lovely images captured by our professional and experienced photographers.

See what stories you can create from the images?

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Thanks for reading!

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