This is why they are such an asset to the team

Being a photographer is not an easy job as some people may think. It is not just about clicking away. It is about investing in time, skills, knowledge and the tools. Being passionate about photography means that your job can be a therapeutic hobby too and you will want to exceed your own expectations time and time again.

Our photographers at The Photo Team are conscientious, motivated and breathe photography 24-7. This is why they are such an asset to the team:

They notice the details

Once you are passionate about something then you will want to capture moments that will tell a story to the person viewing them. The smallest detail can change the photo whether it be capturing the right light, composition or a raw emotion. All our photographers do just that and this is evident from the professional photo booth, wedding photo booth, and party photo booth events.

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Being in the moment

Providing a digital photo booth means the photographer will give the clients their full attention to the job itself and capture as many guests as possible.

Being creative

Our photo booth London service is one of a kind and our photographers will capture the best keepsakes ever! They do not need any guidance and are able to be very creative in the shots that are captured to create unique images.

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Always up for a challenge

Nothing is too much for our photographers. They will always be learning something new and posing the guests in fun ways.

Learn more about themselves

Our photographers share their strengths with the rest of the team whether it be how they captured a shot, how to use a piece of equipment or what they have learnt along the way. It is all about sharing the love and upskilling each other. Therefore collectively we have a strong team.

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So hire a photo booth to experience superior quality photography by The Photo Team.

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