Roc-ing a photo is really crucial. People are of different face structures and body sizes so it is important to understand how to position people to get the best out of them but even so for them to know how to pose themselves so they can bring out the best in any of their photos.

Here are some quick easy to follow steps for the professional photo booth, wedding photo booth and party photo booth team on how to pose:


Understand your best side

A study in 2012 found that people’s left sides were far better than their right side. Our event photographers will take several photos for you to understand which side emphasises your features more.



Convey positive body language

When getting into our digital photo booth you need to have fun, feel positive and let your body relax. A tense photo will just not do your photo any justice. Our props will help put you at ease and bring a smile to your face so simply just go with the flow and let our professional photographers produce a fantastic print for you.



Action Shot

Should you want a good action shot then its good to hold something to make the picture look crazy, fun and exciting. We have many props to help you get into the swing of things such as our huge boxing gloves!



It is The Photo Team’s job as the event photographer London to make our subjects look their best and therefore we will be able to build rapport with you, put you at ease and guide you to ensure you receive the best photos for you and your guests. Therefore let us help you roc-a-photo and bring out the best images. For your nearest photo booth, contact photo booth London or photo booth Kent today.


Thanks for reading


The Open Photo Booth Team