Weddings! Ah! A harsh reality for some, but for many, dawn of a beautiful and meaningful journey. Indeed, unions are always a treat to witness for some, and for some, to enjoy its offerings, well, technically, the open bar, delicious sweets and savories, free-style dancing, party photo booth and lots of new people to meet and fresh conversations to delight oneself in! For the “mains” of the event, the overall experience of planning the whole affair, going through the hassle of inviting guests and making suitable arrangements so as to provide the guests with the utmost enjoyable experience settles to be extremely tiresome by the end of the day!

However, a wedding, among an array of other events, is such a function where absolutely nothing must go wrong apart from the tiny eleventh-hour avoidable changes. If all goes as planned, the affair turns into a festive celebration! Such an event was Rhiannon & Daniel’s wedding reception!

The nuptials took place on the 3rd of May 2016 at Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club, one of the finest luxury hotels in Sussex! The event was as colorful as it could have gotten with bridesmaids blooming in the serene teal colored beautiful pleated V-neck dresses elegantly draped along the silhouettes of their bodies, enjoying themselves with huge vivid spectacle frames and various other props provided by the photo team for the wedding photo-booth! Nowadays, people pay utmost importance to the preservation of cherished memories, professional photo-booths are considered to be the in-thing and hero of all major events as digital photo-booths provides an edge over other happening events.


Details about Rhiannon & Daniel’s Wedding Reception – 3rd May 2016

The snaps from the party suggest the photo-booth as the star of the event as everyone seemed to approach the nearest photobooth and indulge in some serious snapping with the huge range of props provided by the photo team.  The event was a nice subtle color themed affair with pretty pocket flowers complimenting the suited men and loosely worn hair was all that was caught by the wedding photo booth.

Everybody concluded that it was the best idea to hire a photo booth since it added more life to the already lively ambiance which existed at the wedding. The food, the interactions and their outcomes, the funny masks and props all summed up to make the bride’s and the groom’s day special to every inch with all taken care of.

It is everybody’s wish, and even the dream of some to make their wedding the event of their lives and to save those memories forever in a special and unique way. Digital photo-booths provide the very strand for creating unique, inventive pictures which are enjoyable on its own.

To top it all, if there is a photo team providing a facility such as professional photo-booths, the affair becomes a celebration! It is always wise to engage guests in pleasurable activities like photo-booths and dance floors so it can become a beautiful memory for them and for you of the best day of your life!


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