Standard Photo Booth vs Open Photo Booths

A photo booth is a photo booth, right?
The Photo Team have developed an Open Photo Booth, which is challenging the status quo when it comes to a digital photo booth.

So if you’re thinking of hiring a photo booth for your event in the near future, read this before you make any firm commitments…

Whether it be a party, wedding or a corporate event they are all special times. While you may not appreciate the pictures at the time of the event, our experience tells us that you’ll want to look back on the celebrations in years to come.
There’s so much more on offer to help you reminisce in years to come than the standard photographer pictures.
Professional Photo booths have become incredibly popular in recent years. But let us talk about how good they are, most come with silly props, and they can provide hours of fun, as well as being quite quirky and as an added bonus, your guests will be able to take prints home with them.

Standard party photo booths are functional and do a good job, but if you’re the one booking the photo booth, have you ever wondered which of your guests will actually be using the booth, have you ever thought, will all the guests, young and old access the booth? Keep in mind, most are flimsy boxes, and rely on the guest entering the cheap photo booth structure, also the standard Photo booth relies on the guest to operate the booth to take a selfie style picture.
Standard Photo Booths often also can produce random pictures as timing can be an issue due to the automatic process and count down, also they can produce very static boring compositions, the props are often worthy of a pound shop, with goofy hats, and big glasses, photo booth pictures can also hide the expression of a close personal connection, is this how you want your guests to appear in your pictures?

Why settle for pictures like this which is what a standard photo booth could produce?

So what is the alternative? Let’s take a look at The Photo Team’s Open Photo Booth.

For a start photo booths deliver average quality pictures, so why settle for average pictures, when you can have stunning high quality amazing pictures!
The Open Photo Booth promises to deliver the best pictures you have probably seen from a photo booth hire.
Hiring the Open Photo Booth will amaze your guests, it’s a true VIP experience not just a box at your event.

A professional photographer comes with every hire, this means the Open Photo Booth will always produce professional results, standard photo booth can produce relatively poor quality pictures in comparison. The photo Team’s Open Photo Booth will deliver superior quality pictures, and every picture will be professionally posed meaning all pictures will be completely unique and different.
It’s all about the experience as well as the pictures…
The Open Photo Booth is OPEN so that everyone can be involved, young and old. It’s a socially interactive experience for the entire crowd. People love watching just as much as they enjoy having their picture taken, this also allows larger groups/teams to have their pictures taken together, no cramming into a small box…
The Open Photo Booth by The Photo Team also include high quality props at no extra charge, it’s all included as standard, so GO crazy and create some really out of the ordinary pictures, it’s REALLY is great fun!

So you’re probably thinking the Open Photo Booth costs so much more?
You couldn’t be more wrong…
Packages staring from as low as £249, in some instances this could be more cost effective than a standard booth, with all the added celebrity factor at no extra charge.

Trust The Photo Team to deliver an amazing service, one which others only try to achieve, raise the bar at your event, wow your guests, and ensure your event is the event that everyone talks about for weeks after…
All pictures can also be shared digitally and via social media directly from the event, so lets see if your event trends with our help on social media.

Check out these amazing pictures taken in the Open Photo Booth by The Photo Team and take a look at our gallery by clicking here.

Hopefully this gives you some insight, and opens up a different option that you may consider for your event!

Thanks for reading.


The Photo Team

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