Here are some photos which are evident of why the professional photo booth is such a hit at all the events that we attend

We were privileged to be invited to the wedding reception of Payal and Danny and provide them with our famous Open Photo Booth. The wedding took place on the grounds of The Great Lodge in Braintree Essex. Originally known as Great Park, the estate was an enclosed medieval deer park, owned by the crown until 1550. It was ‘emparked’ with a paling fence in order to retain a herd of fallow deer to provide hunting and venison for the Lord ’s Table. The Photo Team were invited to the reception party at the rustic and beautiful Anne of Cleves Barn. The barn was built when the estate was owned by Anne of Cleves following the annulment of her marriage to King Henry VIII and the inside of the venue had a feel of what the building may have looked like back in the 16th century. The venue was decorated with wild flowers and candles and the guests were all wearing their best attire with full smiles.

We certainly made an impact as all 180 guests were all excited and intrigued to understand how the booth worked as it wasn’t a typical closed photo booth. Our photographer was on hand with his magnificent prop box and large guest book to explain how the booth worked. Each guest was able to pick a prop and pose in a small group or up to a mahoosive group of 15 and pose to their delight. The photographer was able to jeer them on and get them all in the party spirit. Two photos were taken per group, the photo was then printed as a 6×4 size with two photos on each print and a copy was handed to the guests as well as one for the guest book. Many loving messages were written to the bride and groom and it was clear to see how much they enjoyed the reception with the highlight of our digital photo booth. At one point there were more people queuing for the booth than on the dance floor!

Here are some photos which are evident of why the professional photo booth is such a hit at all the events that we attend….

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