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Why settle for average pictures, when you can have stunning high quality AMAZING pictures?

The OPEN PHOTO BOOTH promises to deliver the best pictures you have probably seen, amaze yourself and your guests…

Our Open Photo Booth has been born out of a passion for quality photography…

The Open Photo Booth is exactly that, IT’S OPEN so that everyone can be involved.  It’s a social experience for the entire crowd.  Pull in as many relatives and friends as you like into the photo, our open concept means that it’s great for close ups and family sized shots.

We don’t just send an attendant, we send you a professional photographer who will capture every single picture with great skill and experience, to ensure every photo looks AWESOME! Go on treat you and your guests to a luxury experience, instead of just an average standard Photo Booth…



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Open Photo Booths provides a Photo Booth experience like no other, we attend all kinds of events. We work with all types of clients from Brides & Grooms organising their big days, Birthday Parties, to big global blue chip companies organising corporate events to product launches.

Here is a quick guide to all the things you need to know about all the different types of photo booths currently on the market:

Ever wondered what went on behind the curtain?
Now you don’t have to, our Open Photo Booths are exactly that, Open, so there are no walls or curtains.


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Neema & David Wedding Reception, March 2016

When Neema & David’s Wedding Reception took place in March, 2016, at Shendish Manor in Hemel Hempstead they knew that they wanted something extra special as well as creative that will be the reason of joy and laughter for all their guests. That is why they made sure to hire the Open Photo Booth by The Photo Team, which kept everyone on their toes with excitement, fun and everyone was engaged. The Photo Team’s competitive packages are simple and include everything, no hidden extras, and our professionalism comes as standard, we also combine quality with creativity. The spectacular services of The Photo Team made sure that everyone had the best of times. Whether it was the youngest of guests or the most aged and distinguished, they all left with lasting memories…

Project RED, Corporate Event, April 2016

When a corporate client approached The Photo Team, and asked if there was something special they could add to their event they were holding at a Mecure Hotel to make their staff feel appreciated and valued, The Photo Team came up with two suggestions. We suggested the Open Photo Booth, and we suggested our Events Paparazzi service, Molly the meeting lead loved both the ideas, so after visiting our website, and watching some videos of other events she went ahead and confirmed the booking.

At the events as soon as the guests started to arrive they were snapped by our Events Paparazzi, making them feel like VIP’s immediately. During the drink and Canapé reception the Open Photo booth was made available to all the guests, they quickly got to work putting on the props and having their pictures taken, much fun was had by all, all leaving with lasting memories…

Kara’s 18th Birthday Bash, April 2016

Congratulations Kara!

Kara’s 18th Birthday Bash was an inspired and artistic neon workout theme, which not only made the event stand out but also resulted in a highly colorful and enjoyable time for all. The Openphotobooths.co.uk team was invited to attend, we designed a specific print to match the theme.
All of the guests young and old responded well and took lots of snaps in the open photo booth. A huge collection of props was also provided, all the guests took advantage and took some great pictures, with instant prints which meant they all left the event with a lasting memory…


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