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Being one of the best photo booth London,  we were delighted to be invited by our clients who are a market leading magazine for retailers to present them at the Barcode Festival this week. The event was fun, vibrant and a great opportunity to raise funds for a specific charity. Our professional photo booth photographers were on top form and were able to consistently take photos all day to help promote our client’s brand. Nothing was too much trouble for our photo booth photographers and through all the hustle and bustle the digital photo booth photographers were able to entice customers to their stand, ask them to strike a pose and give them a print out as a keep sake. Looking for best photo booth in London? You are in right place. we offer best photography services as per clients requirement. 

best photo booth london

Lets work with the best photo booth London

The Photo Team’s Open Photo Booth photographers are about working with corporate clients and helping to enhance their brand through party photo booth or even wedding photo booth photography. The motto is simple to digest the client’s aim of the event and to execute the photos to capture first class and unique images. Our best photo booth London and photo booth Kent photographers are about being the best and staying at the top of their game ensuring that there are a variety of shots for the client to choose from and creating strong colours and character in each photo.

Only working with the best

Our best photo booth team members are experienced and flexible. They can make the best out of any situation and be able to find a solution to any curve ball that is thrown at them. This is what makes us a leading photography agency and unique in every way possible.

So contact us today for your nearest photo booth to see what we can do for your brand. We are flexible, easy to talk to and will make your images be a replica of what you stand for.

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