Only the best


It is always hard trying to tell a friend or a family member that you actually do not want them to capture your event whether it be for a wedding, party, corporate event or another milestone event that you want to cherish and remember. To make matters worse they would typically assume that you would choose them to help them financially and at full price especially when they are just starting up their own company!



So these are The Open Photo Booth Team’s tips on how you can say no nicely without offending any one:

  • Tell them how much you want them to enjoy the day instead of glaring into a lens. They will miss out on the key ceremonies and events and that is definitely not what you want for them.
  • Tell them that you are on a tight budget and so you have found someone who can offer an open digital photo booth within your price range.
  • If you feel bold enough then explain that although you think their photography is good, the type of photography you are seeking is not what they can offer. You want something unique so a professional photo booth which is open and not closed is what you are after.



With any event whether it be booking a London event photographer or a photo booth photographer the same rule applies. You can not risk the photos being taken by trainee/amateur photographers who claim to be the best in wedding photo booth and party photo booth photography. It is a matter of risking your event or offending a friend/family and common sense would know which one to choose.



Sometimes you just have to do what is right for your event and choosing The Open Photo Booth is the best way forward especially when we are so competitively priced and produce high end photos that will make your event stand out from the crowd. Contact us for information on your nearest photo booth.


Have a Great Bank Holiday Weekend!


The Open Photo Booth Team