Hiring the best Photographers

We, At The Photo Team get daily enquiries from aspiring professional photo booth photographers such as wedding photo booth and party photo booth photographers who want their next big opportunity working for a large photography agency. Learning our style of photography to capture the digital photo booth photography and to represent what we stand for takes time, effort and practice however most importantly there are other traits that are essential for clients to come back to us for future bookings.

Time keeping is very important and we always ensure that our photo booth photographers understand the importance to arrive to a venue in plenty of time allowing for any travel delays and set up time. Our team make sure they know exactly where they are meant to be and will always arrive to the venue at least 60 minute before the start time.

Booth Party Photo Hire London

Understanding the brief of the job is equally just as essential so that each photographer understands what is expected of them and ensuring the brief is met fully by the end of the booking. Flexibility is also key as not all clients will be able to meet to their timings or their agenda. Our photographers ensure that they try and meet the client’s needs as best as they can.

Our photo booth London and photo booth Kent photographers understand that both quality and quantity of photos are important but the final output delivered to the client should be varied in creativity, stand out as being unique and be rich in colour.

Beautiful Wedding Photo Booth Hire London

Committed photographers are the ones that will always shine for our company. We seek those who are flexible, motivated, willing to learn and nothing is too much trouble for them just so they can get the right experience.

So contact your nearest photo booth today if you feel you can relate to any of the points above and see how you can join our ever growing team.

Thanks for reading!

The Open Photo Booths Team