If you are considering picking a photo booth supplier for an up coming special event, make sure you do your research.  The likely chances are you will approach a few different companies, look at their websites, look at what they are offering and of course look at the price…

But ask yourself, what do you actually know about these companies, and how good their service is?

Yes, take a small pause and have a think, and then ask yourself, how much is price leading my decision?

Many photo booth companies are run by people who have no experience of photography, or even any experience of events, except for attending as a guest themselves most likely, so why would anyone want to source their professional needs to someone like this? Why, because they offered a bargain cheap price?


So whether it is a wedding, a birthday or a corporate event, ask yourself is it an event that your going to be able run again and again? if it is, no problem hire the cheapest supplier you can find, who will most likely turn up with the cheapest photo booth they could source on the internet, with a few props from the poundshop, and less than perfect people skills, and that is if your lucky… And what about the quality of the pictures? All photo booths produce the same quality of pictures, right?


A large number of new photo booths use cheaper and inferior cameras, no different to the quality of camera in most mobile phones, yes this is true, ask for the specification of the camera from the supplier, they should know this, if they don’t, point taken? Start running!!! Run FOREST, Run!

This is the standard you can expect from the Open Photo Booths service.


At thephototeam.co.uk we have heard of a number of horror stories, from photo booth suppliers arriving late, having a poor set up, rude attendants as well as the actual photo booth collapsing while guests are still in the photo booth… Yes, these are all true examples, you only have to take some time to go through social media, and do some proper research on Google and you will find similar stories…

So your probably thinking, nah, it wont happen to me, I’m smart, but these people this has happened to are no different to us, normal people just like you and me, it happens…

Hindsight is a great thing, and all too often its the little details that can ruin an event, so why take the chance?

The Photo Team have developed a service called the openphotobooths.co.uk delivering a professional result, not only do we guarantee the best quality pictures that you will see from a photo booth, we promise you a service that will melt even the toughest of guests. How can we be so confident? Well interestingly enough we are professional photographers, The Photo Team is a events professional photography company who have worked for a variety of clients over the years delivering a professional photography service, we have an extensive team of professionals photographers who take thousands of pictures each week for clients like Hugo Boss, Coca Cola and Tesco’s, to name but a few of our recent clients…

So when we say we have the best open photo booth on the market, we believe we do, even other professional wedding photographers always comment how amazing our pictures are when we are attending events with our Open Photo Booths.

So our advice would be to do your research properly, look at multiple sources, read the reviews, anyone can get a friend to write a review, look for regular recent reviews across a variety of different sources, book a genuinely great service provider, after all isn’t that what you and your guests deserve? Please don’t just go with the cheapest provider, our professional Open Photo Booth starts from as little as only £279, we know that is competitive and cheap by most standards, so why take a chance, what you waiting for? Book the best, book The Photo Teams, Open Photo Booth service.

Check out some of these recent reviews we have received…

Best wishes


The Photo Team


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