Why The Photo Team love Instagram

Why The Photo Team love Instagram

You may already know about Instagram but for those readers who are not familiar with this social media tool then here is a quick explanation. Instagram is a popular online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos of up to 15 seconds, and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. The app enables you to also alter the photos you take with your phone by adding filtered layers that imitate the look of low-end film cameras. Did you know that with over 150 million users, Instagram is one of the best and most-used photo sharing platform? There are over 55 million photos shared on Instagram every day! Instagram is blowing up, as a third of the world’s internet population is expected to be on the photo-sharing site by 2018!


The Photo Team loves Instagram as it can be hard to communicate in words, and sometimes photos make the task easier, especially when you’re bumping up against character limitations. This is why we love expressing ourselves through our photos so you can see the world through our eyes. This is our means of communicating visually with you all.


We #love hash tagging away key words that will capture your attention and summarise our images for you, it brings our #photos to life and helps your imagination create a #little story.


Instagram is a great way to connect with our fans and let our clients old and new as well as followers come into our world and understand what we do from the venues we visit to the beautiful styles we create. We capture photos from our well known wedding photo booths and party photo booths to our corporate events and post it instantly for you to see. We are constantly active on Instagram and able to respond instantly to messages via this tool as well as through emails, calls and Facebook.



The Photo Team are proud to boast over a whopping 10,000 Instagram followers who have fallen in love with our work from the quotes to the poses. We have received wonderful comments from clients and followers who appreciate our artwork and we thank you for this.


We like to share posts numerous times a week to show you what we do, what we create and how often we can make the magic happen.


So why not keep us in mind for any of your future events and hire a photo booth or book a photographer for your corporate events to experience these wonderful poses and make them into exciting memories.


Thanks for reading


Love, The Photo Team

What makes a good photographer?

What makes a good photographer?

When any client is looking for a professional photographer whether it be for a wedding, party or corporate event the first thing they will look for is their website. A website that is fresh and up to date as well as relaying clear, relevant and concise information. It is also common for clients to look out for examples of previous photography work so that they understand what the company delivers and why they are unique. This is exactly what we have done at The Photo Team and hence why we have been successful to date. We are able to summarise our achievements and services on our website without using too many words and to give clients a snapshot of what our unique selling point is by showing beautiful and professional images. This in turn makes such an impact and enables all our clients to make the right choice by choosing us. The text that is chosen to describe the services provided, the key objectives of the company and type of work that has been delivered is also visually clear and easy to understand.



What is most important is to be able to deliver everything that has been stated on the website. This is why we at The Photo Team only hire the best photographers who not only understand what we do but provide an exemplary service on the day which will not only make the experience memorable but the photographer too!


Here is what makes our photographers special:



All the photographers at The Photo Team breath, sleep and dream photography, they are all true grafters and are therefore experts in their field! They are fully ambitious and strive to always deliver an excellent service on the day whether it be capturing amazing photos or even communicating effectively with their subjects to build rapport. Their turn around time is also second to none and the photographers work to tight deadlines with most event pictures being delivered by 9am the following day.


Attention to detail

Our photographers seize the moment and know how to notice and bring out the beauty in objects as well as taking breath taking natural shots of people. They realise that good lighting, right angle, good background, and distinctive face expressions are essential components of a memorable shot.



Our photographers are always creative and are able to intuitively judge what makes a great photograph. They will always work with the lighting, composition, and focus to make that vision a reality. All our photographers are storytellers and know how to capture those perfect moments.



People skills

We employ photographers who are not afraid to interact with people and are able to bring out the best in the subjects by trying out quirky and unique poses. They are all patient and have the natural ability to put people at ease while they are being photographed.


Technical skills

Our photographers have excellent technical skills and can easily handle photography equipment, such as digital cameras and lighting, as well as software programs to edit photographs.


Hand-Eye Coordination

Our photographers know how to handle their equipment from changing printing paper to changing the camera lense or the battery in the flash lights. This way no time is wasted and everything is running smoothly.




So book us today for an open photo booth experience or even for your corporate events. We are guaranteed to make the whole experience easy, fun and will always exceed your expectations.


Thanks for reading!


Love, The Photo Team

Buzz Click Buzz Click (It’s inspired by the term “busy bee” if you’re wondering) :)

Buzz Click Buzz Click (It’s inspired by the term “busy bee” if you’re wondering) 🙂

It has been a rather tiringly busy week for the very driven and directed photographers of The Photo Team! Who says covering two major events in a single night is a piece of cake? Well, done with and forgotten, The Photo Team was all hands and eyes on all the festivities which went around at the Global RLI Awards at the Natural History Museum, while tactically juggling covering the BCSC Purple Apple Marketing Awards at The Brewery in the same city, London.

It was indeed a challenge gladly embraced by the team and very professionally handled by the management. A big shout-out to MK Illuminations who were the sponsor for both the successful events. Covering two big events while ensuring the best quality and professional individual concentration given to both the events, meeting beautiful new people, developing new relations, engaging conversations and capturing self-explanatory memories from the event is all what The Photo Team is about. It’s is not only about what the experience an event administers in you, it is more about what you are able and willing to deliver to the event from your edge making sure all the boundaries are intact and followed upon. Hence, a promising harvest is provided by The Photo Team, which is a stipulation of our “always and forever!”

“RLI”, short for “Retail and Leisure International” is the only existing global retail and leisure magazine which has been representing both the retail and leisure sectors worldwide. It is a cosmopolitan which offers a variety of well analyzed and expertly written articles on a wide range of topics which includes comprehensive study and close-ups on the market’s pre-eminent operators.

The RLI hosted what is the industry’s most talked about event of the year, The RLI Awards 2016! In the midst of the glitz and glamour, outstanding management, anticipated celebrations were the recognition of the most imaginative and innovative conceptual creations by a number of retail and leisure-related companies. The event resulted in a promising outcome of the memories which were perfectly captured by The Photo Team.

Beautiful people in glamorous dresses with award trophies bigger in size than themselves! Glitzy décor which was enjoyed by everyone and created an ambiance only to be fancied by the very alive by heart. A very entertaining twist to the awards was the welcoming appearance by a Marilyn Monroe doppelganger, blowing kisses on her way, which was every bit amusing and delightful! The professional photo booth set up by The Photo Team went viral at the event, and while the guests enjoyed it’s every part, some winner posed with their flashy victory trophies while others had the time of their moment grabbing all possibilities of happiness around them.


The second event was a more corporate one, the BCSC Purple Apple Marketing Awards at The Brewery, London. These awards are a commendation of the most prosperous and contemporary commerce from across retail premises. These awards were also hosted by MK illuminations to celebrate the most promising in retail property marketing. A-lists like Gordon Ramsey was also a big part of this prestigious event. The organiser’s request for a “Green Screen” was responsibly looked after by The Photo Team management, the purpose of which is to develop a false background to the picture digitally through software which was not a problem for The Photo Team.

The digital photo booth was thoroughly enjoyed by all the guests, however, pensive the event was, it didn’t stop the guests from striking a pose and playing with arranging themselves in a frame for pictures at the open photo booth set up for them by The Photo Team. In fact, Gordon Ramsey strokes his signature stern look just for the picture! The Photo Team is very thankful to him for taking out time to engage in the activity.


The dress code was visibly formal with most guests carrying darker tones of grey with a few in striking accent tones to stand out. The guests took out time to specially arrange for the pictures at the professional photo booth to make the click look more interesting. The digital background which was added later on with hues of bright blue and fairy lights giving an illuminating effect.

The events, however, exhilarating and busy they were, were tended to fully and responsibly by The Photo Team who did their best to serve their client by fulfilling their requirements and adding an extra creative flair of their own to make capturing memories a success also by the use of innovative technology with the latest gear.


Thanks for reading!


The Photo Team


Rhiannon & Daniel’s Wedding Reception – 3rd May 2016

Rhiannon & Daniel’s Wedding Reception – 3rd May 2016

Weddings! Ah! A harsh reality for some, but for many, dawn of a beautiful and meaningful journey. Indeed, unions are always a treat to witness for some, and for some, to enjoy its offerings, well, technically, the open bar, delicious sweets and savories, free-style dancing, party photo booth and lots of new people to meet and fresh conversations to delight oneself in! For the “mains” of the event, the overall experience of planning the whole affair, going through the hassle of inviting guests and making suitable arrangements so as to provide the guests with the utmost enjoyable experience settles to be extremely tiresome by the end of the day!

However, a wedding, among an array of other events, is such a function where absolutely nothing must go wrong apart from the tiny eleventh-hour avoidable changes. If all goes as planned, the affair turns into a festive celebration! Such an event was Rhiannon & Daniel’s wedding reception!

The nuptials took place on the 3rd of May 2016 at Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club, one of the finest luxury hotels in Sussex! The event was as colorful as it could have gotten with bridesmaids blooming in the serene teal colored beautiful pleated V-neck dresses elegantly draped along the silhouettes of their bodies, enjoying themselves with huge vivid spectacle frames and various other props provided by the photo team for the wedding photo-booth! Nowadays, people pay utmost importance to the preservation of cherished memories, professional photo-booths are considered to be the in-thing and hero of all major events as digital photo-booths provides an edge over other happening events.


The snaps from the party suggest the photo-booth as the star of the event as everyone seemed to approach the nearest photobooth and indulge in some serious snapping with the huge range of props provided by the photo team.  The event was a nice subtle color themed affair with pretty pocket flowers complimenting the suited men and loosely worn hair was all that was caught by the wedding photo booth.

Everybody concluded that it was the best idea to hire a photo booth since it added more life to the already lively ambiance which existed at the wedding. The food, the interactions and their outcomes, the funny masks and props all summed up to make the bride’s and the groom’s day special to every inch with all taken care of.

It is everybody’s wish, and even the dream of some to make their wedding the event of their lives and to save those memories forever in a special and unique way. Digital photo-booths provide the very strand for creating unique, inventive pictures which are enjoyable on its own.

To top it all, if there is a photo team providing a facility such as professional photo-booths, the affair becomes a celebration! It is always wise to engage guests in pleasurable activities like photo-booths and dance floors so it can become a beautiful memory for them and for you of the best day of your life!


Thanks for reading.


The Photo Team

How to pick a reputable photo booth supplier, not trying to teach your Grandma to suck eggs…

If you are considering picking a photo booth supplier for an up coming special event, make sure you do your research.  The likely chances are you will approach a few different companies, look at their websites, look at what they are offering and of course look at the price…

But ask yourself, what do you actually know about these companies, and how good their service is?

Yes, take a small pause and have a think, and then ask yourself, how much is price leading my decision?

Many photo booth companies are run by people who have no experience of photography, or even any experience of events, except for attending as a guest themselves most likely, so why would anyone want to source their professional needs to someone like this? Why, because they offered a bargain cheap price?


So whether it is a wedding, a birthday or a corporate event, ask yourself is it an event that your going to be able run again and again? if it is, no problem hire the cheapest supplier you can find, who will most likely turn up with the cheapest photo booth they could source on the internet, with a few props from the poundshop, and less than perfect people skills, and that is if your lucky… And what about the quality of the pictures? All photo booths produce the same quality of pictures, right?


A large number of new photo booths use cheaper and inferior cameras, no different to the quality of camera in most mobile phones, yes this is true, ask for the specification of the camera from the supplier, they should know this, if they don’t, point taken? Start running!!! Run FOREST, Run!

This is the standard you can expect from the Open Photo Booths service.


At thephototeam.co.uk we have heard of a number of horror stories, from photo booth suppliers arriving late, having a poor set up, rude attendants as well as the actual photo booth collapsing while guests are still in the photo booth… Yes, these are all true examples, you only have to take some time to go through social media, and do some proper research on Google and you will find similar stories…

So your probably thinking, nah, it wont happen to me, I’m smart, but these people this has happened to are no different to us, normal people just like you and me, it happens…

Hindsight is a great thing, and all too often its the little details that can ruin an event, so why take the chance?

The Photo Team have developed a service called the openphotobooths.co.uk delivering a professional result, not only do we guarantee the best quality pictures that you will see from a photo booth, we promise you a service that will melt even the toughest of guests. How can we be so confident? Well interestingly enough we are professional photographers, The Photo Team is a events professional photography company who have worked for a variety of clients over the years delivering a professional photography service, we have an extensive team of professionals photographers who take thousands of pictures each week for clients like Hugo Boss, Coca Cola and Tesco’s, to name but a few of our recent clients…

So when we say we have the best open photo booth on the market, we believe we do, even other professional wedding photographers always comment how amazing our pictures are when we are attending events with our Open Photo Booths.

So our advice would be to do your research properly, look at multiple sources, read the reviews, anyone can get a friend to write a review, look for regular recent reviews across a variety of different sources, book a genuinely great service provider, after all isn’t that what you and your guests deserve? Please don’t just go with the cheapest provider, our professional Open Photo Booth starts from as little as only £279, we know that is competitive and cheap by most standards, so why take a chance, what you waiting for? Book the best, book The Photo Teams, Open Photo Booth service.

Check out some of these recent reviews we have received…

Best wishes


The Photo Team


AMAZING Props with every Open Photo Booth hire

The Photo Team’s Open Photo Booth comes with a variety of amazing props as standard, this is truly professional photo booth.

Whether it is a wedding photo booth or a party photo booth or even a cheap photo booth your after to make your event that little bit extra special the www.openphotobooths.co.uk is your nearest photo booth in London or Kent.

We believe we set the standard when it comes to delivering a first class Photo Booth service, offering picture results that any guest attending any event will talk about for a very long time!

So if you’re looking to hire a Photo Booth any time soon, think of The Photo Team’s Open Photo Booth, you will not be disappointed…

www.openphotobooths.co.uk for Photo Booth’s in London and Kent!




The Photo Team

Why our Open Photo Booth?

Open Photo Booths by The Photo Team.

We can provide your event with what we believe is the best professional photo booth you can have at your event, trust The Photo Team, we are extremely experienced professional photographers delivering digital photo booths in a truly professional way, we have a wealth of experience working with some of the biggest named companies known globally, like Hugo Boss, Jaguar/Land Rover, Barclays and Coca Cola.

So if your thinking of a party photo booth in London or in Kent see how the professionals do it properly, so hire a photo booth which will also be a cheap photo booth compared to the competition.

The Photo Team’s Open Photo Booth, look for our brand, look for our ring of quality, we set the standard, so why settle for anything less, anything else is just a lesser imitator…

Take a look at a recent event that we had the privilege of being invited to attend, we set up our wedding photo booth, thank you to Neema & David, congratulations, and all the best for your new life together, amazing couple!

The BEST Open Photo Booths, in London and Kent, we are The Photo Team, delivering your nearest photo booth.





The Photo Team

The Open Photo Booth Experience…

So people always ask us why an Open Photo Booth, how does it differ from a normal photo booth?

We made this short video, its on Facebook, take a look, and you can see for yourself



When is a Photo Booth not a Photo Booth?

When your looking to make your event that little bit extra special, and you think ‘Photo Booth’!

Make sure you look for a photo booth that can deliver something special…

Pictures that you will cherish, pictures that will make you laugh for years to come, and pictures that will be fitting to be framed!

Look at this picture, what do you see?
Fun, enjoyment, picture magic?
Yes, that’s right, everything that a photo booth picture should deliver and more…
So ask yourself when was the last time you experienced a photo booth which delivered quality pictures, instead of poorly snap mug shots?
One where you and your guests will really enjoy, not just gimmicky pictures with awful tacky props, but pictures where you and your guests become the props!
This is when your event elevates to a really chic event, which will really WOW your guests, more than just an ordinary photo booth, this is when you know you have booked the Open Photo Booth by The Photo Team.
Finally a photo booth that delivers a result that will really make magic moments happen.
Whatever the occasion you might have arranged, thephototeam.co.uk team will make it an amazing event, you can trust the team to work hard with our professional photographers and imaginative pictures, we will leave nothing to chance!
You and your guests will feel like celebrities, as this is what makes our Open Photo Booths really special. They are open, socially interactive, and a truly wonderful experience for you and all your guests young and old!
Our professional photographers will pull everyone one in young and old, so everyone will enjoy every moment, they are all trained to not only take great pictures, but to make everyone laugh at the same time.
So you think you cant afford it, well think again, prices start from only £249, and with all inclusive packages starting from as little as £379, you can have it all.
So what are you waiting for?
Stop searching for a digital photo booth which will exceed expectations, because you have found the one and only Open Photo Booth by The Photo Team.
The nearest photo booth in London and Kent offers everything for any event or party or wedding occasion. Open Photo Booths is amazingly versatile and will satisfy even the toughest of guests, so just search out the openphotobooths.co.uk and add that little extra something to your event.

Make it an event that everyone will be talking about for years to come, as well as sharing their pictures on social media with out any shame!


Welcome to OpenPhotoBooths the home of Professional Photographers

Blue hair, grin on faces, boxing gloves in hand, it certainly has to be open photo booth. Time for you to make some fun, the openphotobooths.co.uk will knock you out with its punching entertainment tag as a professional open photo booth. Kelly and her friends overwhelmingly relished, What are you waiting for? 17012016SPOPB31

A call to The Photo Team for some great fun and entertainment, The Photo Team will come to all parties with their professional Open Photo Booths insights and free Props & Stuff came up with the idea of “THE KNOCK OUT OPEN PHOTO BOOTH”. This trio had some blistering moments and glittering smiles while the knockout photo shoots made their party engaging and lasting.
Whatever the occasion you might have arranged the Thephototeam.co.uk team will make it paramount, special and a worthy time for all of your friends and guests. What’s superior to anything than spreading friendly cheer? When you lease a photograph Booth for your friends or guests gathering, you’re permitting everybody who strolls through it to make an enduring token out of it. The best thing is, the greater part of that joyfulness, the majority of that sentimentality, the widely held enjoyment around the occasions, it will all be something that you and your memories will cherish these images for life long.
Searching for a digital photo booth to consistently fit into your expectations? The nearest photo booth of London and Kent offers free and custom hangings that can be styled to match any event or shading plan including any party or wedding occasion. Open Photo Booths is amazingly versatile and satisfying perfect on the off chance that, you get some facts about classified shading with no anxiety for your fun. Why looking options to hire a cheap photo booth nearby London or Kent, if you got the privileged to appreciate the affordable services of openphotobooths.co.uk.