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We at The Photo Team love our blogs and have posted a large number of posts over the years for our followers and clients former and new to understand what is important to us, the events that we have run and also a good opportunity to showcase our photos that our photographers have captured.

Blogs are really important to us as its a great way of sharing the fun we have at events, our experience, thoughts and tips. You will see the links shared via the social media tools Instagram and Facebook with a great caption to get your minds thinking and amazing photos. The likes and comments really help us understand what our followers like and want to see more of.

We love interacting with people who follow us and blogging is a great opportunity for us to add a personal touch to what we stand for and how unique we are as a company whether it be for our professional photo booth, wedding photo booth or even party photo booth. We believe in creating a buzz and solidly believe that it is important to keep the momentum of blogging alive so clients can understand what we are up to on a regular basis. We aim to have more blog followers who can appreciate our photography and what we write about.

As a recap we have written blogs linked to photography national awareness days, topics related to photographers, events that we have had the privilege to photograph at and why The Photo Team are unique in all the services they provide including our famous Open Photo Booth and Events Paparazzi teams.

If you are not aware of our blogs or have missed out on any then please read all our exciting posts.

So for all our blog followers we hope you have enjoyed reading our blogs as much as we have enjoyed writing them!

Thanks for reading

Love, The Open Photo Booth Team