Love thy Product

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Our services are hugely popular for the following reasons Promotional Products Week runs from 2 to 6 October 2017 and it is all about having a clear spotlight on promotional products targeted towards the end user buyer. So, love thy product! We at the Photo Team certainly do and therefore, for this national awareness week […]

A photo is worth a thousand words

Hire Unforgettable Party Photo Booth London

Experience a luxury Photo Booth with Open Photo Booth Photos are essentially a beautiful story. Every little image that is taken highlights an expression and naturally makes the viewer make their own mind up of the captured image, by the emotion and body language. Photos are cherished by billions around the world whether it be […]

Tis nearly the season to be jolly

Professional Event Photography

We At The Photo Team can provide 4 services that you can take advantage of, all within a reasonable price With Summer out of the way it is now time to think about your Company Christmas Party and how to out do the previous years of celebrations. Employees will be expecting something bigger and better […]

The craze of social networking

Social Event Photography

Here are 8 reasons why The Photo Team loves sharing their story on social media We at, The Photo Team are proud to say we have hit over 18.5K followers on our Instagram page and nearly 11,500 likes on Facebook! We have been growing successfully for nearly over half a decade and are so pleased […]

Welcome to our new service… SelfiePartyPrints

Are you looking for something different to make your corporate event, conference or even PR event fun and unique? Well look no further than with The Photo Team! The “selfie” has arguably become the greatest photographic trend of our time and is still ever so popular for all age groups. The trend will never fade […]

World Photography Day

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World Photography Day – 19 August 2017 ​Saturday 19 August will be World Photography day which involves inspiring the world through photography and ensuring your photos make a positive impact to the world. This is a day where photographers believe in the power of photography to inspire positive impact to our communities. By bringing together […]

A Photographer’s Mantra

Hire Event Photo Booth London

“Take control of your camera” ​All photographers have a mantra! I​t ​is​ the only thing that keeps them self motivated and inspired during a busy event where multi tasking needs to be involved, eye​s​​​ ​need to be on the ball and ensuring everything including brain and equipment is fully charged and ready to go! The […]

Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons

Hire The Best Corporate Photo Booth London

Experience a luxury Photo Booth with Open Photo Booth There is nothing worse than to be a copycat of any event photographer’s ethics, brand, work and even their content on their website! Why imitate someone and portray the same messages or images but under a different company name? How does this make your company stand […]

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

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Experience a luxury Photo Booth with Open Photo Booth We At the Photo team absolutely love this saying and this is what drives our whole team forward. It makes the point that you can take any sort of negative experience and turn it into something useful. Whether it be a photographer working for a challenging […]

i-catching phot-Os

Hire Magnificent Party Photo Booth London

Eye catching photography When clients seek for a photographer whether it be a professional photo booth, a wedding photo booth or party photo booth they seek photo booths that can produce “i-catching” images and this means photos that are immediately appealing or noticeable and most of all striking. ​ At The Photo Team we really […]

…And the winner is…

Beautiful Wedding Photo Booth London

Experience a luxury Photo Booth with Open Photo Booth We ran a photography competition for our own Photo Team photographers. We asked three of our most busiest photographers of the week of our competition to go to any of their events and choose their best corporate photography, conference photography photo or even capture a shot […]

Payal & Danny’s Wedding – 1 July 2017

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Here are some photos which are evident of why the professional photo booth is such a hit at all the events that we attend We were privileged to be invited to the wedding reception of Payal and Danny and provide them with our famous Open Photo Booth. The wedding took place on the grounds of […]

Blogulicious Photography

Experience a luxury Photo Booth with Open Photo Booth We at The Photo Team love our blogs and have posted a large number of posts over the years for our followers and clients former and new to understand what is important to us, the events that we have run and also a good opportunity to […]


Fabulous Prom And Onsite Photography

Here are some quick easy to follow steps for the professional photo booth, wedding photo booth and party photo booth team on how to pose Roc-ing a photo is really crucial. People are of different face structures and body sizes so it is important to understand how to position people to get the best out […]

Snappers R Us

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This is why they are such an asset to the team Being a photographer is not an easy job as some people may think. It is not just about clicking away. It is about investing in time, skills, knowledge and the tools. Being passionate about photography means that your job can be a therapeutic hobby […]

A Game Of Tones

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Experience a luxury Photo Booth with Open Photo Booth A tone describes the darkness or lightness of a particular area in an image.  The skeleton or framework of every picture is based upon tones. It does not matter if it is a black & white or colour image, what is important is the range of […]