Blogulicious Photography

Blogulicious Photography


We at The Photo Team love our blogs and have posted a large number of posts over the years for our followers and clients former and new to understand what is important to us, the events that we have run and also a good opportunity to showcase our photos that our photographers have captured.



Blogs are really important to us as its a great way of sharing the fun we have at events, our experience, thoughts and tips. You will see the links shared via the social media tools Instagram and Facebook with a great caption to get your minds thinking and amazing photos. The likes and comments really help us understand what our followers like and want to see more of.


We love interacting with people who follow us and blogging is a great opportunity for us to add a personal touch to what we stand for and how unique we are as a company whether it be for our professional photo booth, wedding photo booth or even party photo booth. We believe in creating a buzz and solidly believe that it is important to keep the momentum of blogging alive so clients can understand what we are up to on a regular basis. We aim to have more blog followers who can appreciate our photography and what we write about.


As a recap we have written blogs linked to photography national awareness days, topics related to photographers, events that we have had the privilege to photograph at and why The Photo Team are unique in all the services they provide including our famous Open Photo Booth and Events Paparazzi teams.



If you are not aware of our blogs or have missed out on any then please click here and read all our exciting posts.


So for all our blog followers we hope you have enjoyed reading our blogs as much as we have enjoyed writing them!


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Roc-ing a photo is really crucial. People are of different face structures and body sizes so it is important to understand how to position people to get the best out of them but even so for them to know how to pose themselves so they can bring out the best in any of their photos.

Here are some quick easy to follow steps for the professional photo booth, wedding photo booth and party photo booth team on how to pose:


Understand your best side

A study in 2012 found that people’s left sides were far better than their right side. Our event photographers will take several photos for you to understand which side emphasises your features more.



Convey positive body language

When getting into our digital photo booth you need to have fun, feel positive and let your body relax. A tense photo will just not do your photo any justice. Our props will help put you at ease and bring a smile to your face so simply just go with the flow and let our professional photographers produce a fantastic print for you.



Action Shot

Should you want a good action shot then its good to hold something to make the picture look crazy, fun and exciting. We have many props to help you get into the swing of things such as our huge boxing gloves!



It is The Photo Team’s job as the event photographer London to make our subjects look their best and therefore we will be able to build rapport with you, put you at ease and guide you to ensure you receive the best photos for you and your guests. Therefore let us help you roc-a-photo and bring out the best images. For your nearest photo booth, contact photo booth London or photo booth Kent today.


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The Open Photo Booth Team

Snappers R Us

Snappers R Us


Being a photographer is not an easy job as some people may think. It is not just about clicking away. It is about investing in time, skills, knowledge and the tools. Being passionate about photography means that your job can be a therapeutic hobby too and you will want to exceed your own expectations time and time again.


Our photographers at The Photo Team are conscientious, motivated and breathe photography 24-7. This is why they are such an asset to the team:


They notice the details

Once you are passionate about something then you will want to capture moments that will tell a story to the person viewing them. The smallest detail can change the photo whether it be capturing the right light, composition or a raw emotion. All our photographers do just that and this is evident from the professional photo booth, wedding photo booth, and party photo booth events.



Being in the moment

Providing a digital photo booth means the photographer will give the clients their full attention to the job itself and capture as many guests as possible.


Being creative

Our photo booth London service is one of a kind and our photographers will capture the best keepsakes ever! They do not need any guidance and are able to be very creative in the shots that are captured to create unique images.



Always up for a challenge

Nothing is too much for our photographers. They will always be learning something new and posing the guests in fun ways.


Learn more about themselves

Our photographers share their strengths with the rest of the team whether it be how they captured a shot, how to use a piece of equipment or what they have learnt along the way. It is all about sharing the love and upskilling each other. Therefore collectively we have a strong team.



So hire a photo booth to experience superior quality photography by The Photo Team.


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The Open Photo Booth Team

A Game Of Tones

A Game Of Tones


A tone describes the darkness or lightness of a particular area in an image.  The skeleton or framework of every picture is based upon tones. It does not matter if it is a black & white or colour image, what is important is the range of tones and their placement within the picture. Colour does have a tremendous emotional impact, but still it is the tones within a picture that are the determining influence in a composition. In any image that has a full range of tones, your attention will be drawn towards the largest and lightest tone. From here, your attention will be attracted to either other light tones or a large dark tone, that depends on their placement and size within the picture.





Your composition should be determined by the tones that are present in your picture. In other words, if your subject is a middle tone and there is a large light tone in the picture, the viewer’s attention will be drawn away from your subject because of that light tone. What you should always keep in mind is; are the tones helping to support your subject or are they distracting from it. A picture consisting of dark or somber shades conveys mystery, intrigue, or sadness. When the tones are mostly light and airy, the picture portrays lightness, joy, or airiness.


What we have seen all too often are photographers taking photos without no concept of altering their settings on their camera and thinking ” one size fits all”. No consideration is given to the amount of light in the room and ​how to bring out the best colours or tones in a photo which then results to a shady, weak and non appealing photo. This also means altering the ISO on your lighting if you choose to have studio photos.



It is essential to take a photo that is a true reflection of what you see. There is something seriously wrong if you take a photo and the colours, tones and composition are nothing like what you see behind the camera. You can not sell or even provide this to a client as this could mean losing business and providing an unattractive service. Colours need to be vibrant, true and rich so the subjects stand out and are counted.





This is why we at The Photo Team hire the best photographers who are knowledgeable on how to provide quality photos in an instant.  So hire our professional photo booth today and see what fantastic results we can produce.


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The Open Photo Booth Team


6 things photographers are tired of hearing

6 things photographers are tired of hearing


Lack of value on photography skills or the profession

Photographers need to be appreciated as artists rather than hearing “you must have a REALLY good camera”. Its always forgotten that the photographers works just as hard as the camera. They are using their talent for not only a creative outlet but for a profession as well. The photographers creates the photo through understanding the camera’s potential.


People who want something for nothing

There are the odd clients who expect discount on top of discount and try to ask us photographers to cut corners to lower the price. They too forget that there are man hours involved and the commute cost that all comes into equation too.



Having needy clients

Photographers who work tirelessly day and night do not need to be called relentlessly by potential clients when you have already told them you will get back to them as soon as you can. Photographers also don’t appreciate clients making unreasonable demands when you have already given the deadline of when they will receive their photos.


When customers say “you can just photoshop that out, right?” or “Can you make me look thinner?”

Photographers have heard this as many times as they have taken a photo. Unfortunately cameras can’t always do wonders but also think about the time it takes to a photographer to sit an edit each photo.


People’s expectation when you are not working

Now we all believe in helping friends and family out but sometimes us photographers need a bit of time off and actually turn up to an event without working.​ There is also the odd annoyance photographers have when they receive out of hours calls when the person calling clearly knows no one will answer.


Lack of respect from other professional photographers

Whether it be copying your style of photos or trying to replicate your logo and name the competition is inevitably out there. However it all comes down to respecting each other’s territory and appreciating each others’s art work without looking as if the other is copying and trying to take your hard work as their own.
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The Open Photo Booth Team

Purple Apple Marketing Awards

Purple Apple Marketing Awards


On 4 May 2017 we had the pleasure of providing an Open Photo Booth for the annual Purple Apple Marketing Awards at the historic London venue, The Brewery. These are the only awards which recognise and reward effective shopping and town centre marketing within the UK retail property sector.


It was a glamorous affair with seating of over 500 guests hosted by Gemma Cairney. Gemma is well known on TV, radio and social media, providing up-to-date coverage and thought provoking entertainment across the UK’s alternative music, fashion and art scenes.


The Photo Team were pleased to be invited again to be one of the highlights of the evening. The event’s main sponsor was MK illumination who create exceptional conceptual festive lighting and decoration for their clients. MK create tailor, specially handcrafted illumination to suit their client’s wishes and thus strengthen their brand and image and independently run subsidiaries in 28 countries.


Due to the sponsorship, we provided a green screen that transferred the guests to three famous landmarks in London which had been MK’d!


The digital photo booth was in full swing with many people wanting a photo and a keepsake of the shot to take home. It was a great time to reunite and take photos with former/new clients, meet new people and celebrate retail property achievements all across the UK.


The guests chose the background of their choice and created their own props by using our illuminated “Photo” sign as well as showing off their well deserved awards with their glam attire and best smiles. The photographer got them ready to pose so their photo looked fun and different and voila here is what we produced that evening…








So let us jazz up your companies awards ceremonies and book The Photo Team.  Whether you are looking for a photo booth London or a photo booth Kent then please contact us for our wedding photo booth and party photo booth. We will guarantee to bring a smile on all your guest’s faces.


Contact us today!


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Francis Crick Lates

Francis Crick Lates

On 3 May 2017, The Photo Team had the pleasure of providing an Open Photo Booth service to the Francis Crick Institute (St Pancras). The institute aims to respond to fast-moving changes in the medical sciences by facilitating collaboration between disciplines and accelerating the translation of scientific research from the laboratory to hospitals and pharmacies. Francis Crick held their first “Crick Late” at the institute itself and opened their doors to the public for the very first time.


It was a packed evening of pop-up science with many members of the public queuing to be amazed by the architecture of the building as well as the activities held inside such as turning your smartphone into a microscope to reveal a hidden world, shocking a friend (literally) using the power of your brain, creat​ing​ your own mini-gut and getting up close and personal with hungry mosquitoes.


It was a great understanding for us to see what drives the Crick researchers in their quest for knowledge and what tools and techniques they use to push the boundaries of scientific understanding.


Speakers were available to give talks, different stations available for hands on activities from scientists, there was music, food and drink as well as our very own Open Photo Booth with a twist and we were popular! We provided a green screen with three major images from the Crick building itself. Our professional photographer then transported the lucky guests into the image of their choice. The options were to jump into two different science labs or be teleported to be overlooking the amazing auditorium. The props were perfect for the occasions itself. We were supplied with pipettes, white lab coats, safety goggles, test tubes as well as providing our own great props from the Open Photo Booth selection box. We were inundated with people intrigued to know what was happening and how the green screen worked and the results absolutely blew the subjects away!


The photographer encouraged the subjects to pose as if they had made a discovery, thought of a theory or were about to jump into a time warp and look at the fantastic results we captured…






Each group photographed then received prints to cherish and the photos are evident to see how real they look.


So why not keep us in mind for any future events that you would like us to provide a professional photo booth service to. Whether it be for a Corporate event, party photo booth or a wedding photo booth our photo booth Kent and photo booth London are on hand. Contact us for your nearest photo booth today!


We are here to revolutionise your events!


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The Open Photo Booth Team

Nikon v Canon which house are you in?

Nikon v Canon which house are you in?

DSLR stands for digital single lens camera reflex. Your digital SLR camera has an option to determine how sensitive the camera sensor is to light.


DSLR’s are a top choice for anyone who wants to take their photography to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, a DSLR offers three key ingredients: manual controls, excellent picture quality and interchangeable lenses.


However what do you do when two famous brands go head to head on their DSLR cameras? How do you know what to choose? Here is a quick guide.



Low pass filters

Nikon eliminate the optical low pass filter and Canons focus on their megapixels and still use an optical low pass filter.


Autofocus speed
Both brands pretty much are equivalent to each other. Canon tends to have faster high-end DSLRs however when it comes to the more budget models, Nikon offers more speed.



With most Nikons they offer more battery life than a Canon.


Video focus

Canon were the first to offer great video quality. They were the first to develop a hybrid autofocus system allowing the camera to refocus while recording. Now Nikon have caught up and are on the same par as Canon’s best feature.



So ultimately which is better, we here you ask????


Canon and Nikon offer excellent cameras with great image quality. Both have improved over the years and next to each other practically provide the same as the other. It ultimately comes to down to the professional photographer and what best suits them. From our personal experience beginners should opt with a Nikon as they are slightly cheaper at this stage. However the more experienced you get you may find that the Canon is more suited to your needs due to its ability to capture photos as well as video better with autofocus and speed.


So why not experience both at the early stages and invest in what sits well with you and your needs. We have and hence why we know exactly what to use for our wedding photo booth, party photo booth and digital photo booth bookings.


Thanks for reading,


The Open Photo Booth Team

Free or not to give free that is the question

Free or not to give free that is the question


Professional photographers around the world would understand the pain of receiving calls from people requesting for a free wedding photo booth, digital photo booth or party photo booth at any event with the promise of us receiving some fruitful business in return. What they don’t understand is that nothing in this world is free and time given up to provide free photography is a cost that can hit companies hard especially if you are a small business. There is the promise of wonderful opportunities such as meeting future clients, your name being bounced across their networks and offers of great perks that can benefit photography companies. Typical lines are “it will mean great exposure for you”, “if you don’t want to do it for free, I know other photographers who will” and “if it all goes well it could lead to opportunities for your company”.

What they forget is the following:


The costs

The Photo Team travel across the UK to provide a professional photo booth and are able to provide a photo booth London and photo booth Kent at any given time. People forget the expenditure that photography companies have to incur when travelling and the man hours that are spent to commute, set up and deliver a great service. It is also forgotten that Event Photographers take pride in their instruments and therefore the equipment is at no cheap cost.


People also forget other costs that have to be considered such as the value of each photographer’s time, annual marketing expenses, cost of software, repairing/renewing our tools of the trade and subscriptions.


This is not to say that we haven’t provided a free service to a worthy cause but pro bono work is selected on a case by case basis.



Crushing our passion

Professional photographers have been trained to be the best and always maintain that expertise by undergoing training and understanding the new technology. This again comes at a cost and the simple fact is no money earnt for something we are passionate about means we can’t earn any money and expand our business. Photographers ultimately don’t want to feel worthless for a creative skill that is so in demand.


Asking for further discounts on a service

If its not asking for a free service then yes photography companies do get potential clients asking for further discounts on a service. There is a reason why the price is what it is. Again no consideration is given to the man hours and other costs that are associated in providing an exemplary service.




Past experience from many photography companies is that even when free photography has been provided no feedback is given on the service they have received. It it literally the feeling of out of sight, out of mind which can feel very harsh especially when the favour hasn’t been repaid. Feedback for photography companies can go a long way and help a business attract future clients.


We at The Photo Team speak on behalf of other photography companies out there and say “stop and reflect a while on the points above”, after all professional photographers like any other career out there need to make a living.


Thanks for reading and have a great bank holiday weekend!


The Open Photo Booth Team

Developing Positives

Developing Positives


We at The Photo Team have been busy from the day dot and have been very lucky to be running successfully for over half a decade. Like with any new business we had seen peaks and troughs but with this we have been able to see what works well, what our clients like and have been able to keep client satisfaction at its peak. This is why we can generate new business rapidly and are recommended time and time again to hire our wedding photo booth, digital photo booth and party photo booth. Our professional photo booths are unique, open and always facilitated by a professional photographer and their assistant. Have a read of our client work and testimonials to see why we are such an interest via our Facebook page, Instagram page as well as our Website!



The Photo Team are always one step ahead by understanding the photography market, understanding their client’s needs and understanding how to create more business. We have therefore developed on our positives and are proud to showcase our new website! Check out what The Photo Team stand for, the different services we offer, the clients we have successfully worked with and of course view our competitive and transparent pricing page. We have a wealth of up to date client pictures for you to view our exciting projects, so why not have a look at our latest photo gallery. We are also making the whole booking process easier for our clients by bringing you our brand new instant quote function! Need a quick response for a booking you have in mind? Then all you have to do is input information about your event into our system and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Have a browse through our website for further information and contact us to book your nearest photo booth whether it be photo booth London or photo booth Kent. Our Event Photographers are masters in this field and will be able to enhance your event with a click of a button!


Don’t delay, give us a try.


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