Be the bridge to the next generation

Be the bridge to the next generation   Why are passionate and dedicated photographers difficult to find in the younger generation? It is known that we live in a world where it is rare to find anyone who wants to do anything for free as “money does make the world go around” however why is […]

Fail with honour than succeed by fraud

Fail with honour than succeed by fraud   Phishing emails are getting more and more common and the targets can be individual people for their personal information to large corporate organisations for the company’s financial/personal details. What are they targeting for? Well anything from username, passwords, bank details and trying to use your genuine service […]

A Sparkling Offer

A Sparkling Offer   The Photo Team not only provide professional photo booth, wedding photo booth and party photo booth photographers but also branch out to other types of photography such as our well known Professional Event Photography and Events Paparazzi service.     If you are looking for something different for your next private […]

Hiring the best is the most important task

Hiring the best is the most important task   We, At The Photo Team get daily enquiries from aspiring professional photo booth photographers such as wedding photo booth and party photo booth photographers who want their next big opportunity working for a large photography agency. Learning our style of photography to capture the digital photo booth photography and […]

A happy place

A happy place   The Summer is truly here and the heat wave is really getting all of us into holiday mode including watching the World Cup Football! The Photo Team’s Open Photo Booth entourage may be too busy to enjoy the sun everyday but our professional photo booth photographers including our party photo booth […]

Only working with the best

Only working with the best   The Photo Team were delighted to be invited by our clients who are a market leading magazine for retailers to present them at the Barcode Festival this week. The event was fun, vibrant and a great opportunity to raise funds for a specific charity. Our professional photo booth photographers […]

A universal language

A universal language   Photography is one of the most popular hobbies where a passion can truly turn into a full time job. You need motivation, require people skills, resilience and have a creative imagination to pursue this seriously. We conducted a quick group forum with our own professional photo booth photographers to find out […]

To infinity and beyond

To infinity and beyond   ​Receiving bookings from clients is always amazing and the ones who listen to our advice, work with us and have a great communication style are the best to work with. However all photography companies can relate to the odd clients who are highly demanding, are not effective communicators and vent […]

Working the crowd

Working the crowd   More and more companies host corporate events with photo booths to treat their employees as well as invite their clients and other businesses. These events are a good stop point to display the companies financials, wins, thank individuals who have impacted their business, learn new concepts, mingle with networks as well […]

Only the best

Only the best   It is always hard trying to tell a friend or a family member that you actually do not want them to capture your event whether it be for a wedding, party, corporate event or another milestone event that you want to cherish and remember. To make matters worse they would typically […]

Daily Dose of Imagery

Daily Dose of Imagery   The Photo Team’s Open Photo Booth service know that showcasing their wedding photo booth and party photo booth photographer’s masterpieces is the only way the world will see what the professional agency is capable of. With a competitive photography industry out there it is hard for clients to choose from […]

Eggs-traordinary vs Ordinary

Eggs-traordinary vs Ordinary   The Photo team’s Open Photo Booths have seen a remarkable difference over the years in what constitutes as just ordinary photography and remarkable photo booth photography. It comes down to three factors having an eye for detail, taking shots of a scene that can introduce a narrative for anyone viewing the photo […]

Come rain or shine

Come rain or shine   What a week of weather we have had in the UK which has definitely impacted everyone getting into work, dropping their children to school or not as some schools have been closed and just putting a dampener on any personal plans we have made. Our wedding photo booth and party […]

Face your fears & live your dreams

Face your fears and live your dreams   ​Did you know that when human babies are born they only have two innate natural fears, falling and the sound of loud noises. Experts have noted that all other fears are borne through external environmental factors. So what stops us from being the best and accomplishing our […]

What is your forte

What is your forte   I think it is fair to say that we can’t be masters of all trades when it comes to conquering the photography market. The most successful photography companies or agencies are the ones who have tapped into one or several areas of photography but not all! By trying to come […]

The look of love

The look of love   It is coming up to that time of year again where we get ready for a special day of romance, Valentines Day. Where sweet words are whispered to our loved one’s ears, as well as an exchange of gifts and cards to mark the occasion. It is a time to […]