A guide to booking a Photo Booth or an Open Photo Booth

Its like a birthday party not having a birthday cake! That’s how much of a necessity it has become in our society and something that our guests are always wanting to see at any event. The photos itself are a like a party favour for each of the attendees as they are a memory for each person that attends the event. Every time you look back at the photo whether it be a wedding photo booth or party photo booth, you can certainly say you have experienced something unforgettable. However what makes it really unforgettable is choosing the right photo booth company to hire a photo booth from. Each photo company has its own version and interpretation of what a photo booth should deliver and look like.

Photo Booths have in recent times become an asset to any party, wedding or corporate event.

Here is The Photo Team’s version of a guide to booking a photo booth who provide Open Photo Booths:

1.) Go onto the Photo Booth Company’s website and look at the quality of their photos. That usually tells you a lot about the company itself i.e. they must be using high end photography equipment, taking pride in how they deliver their work and most importantly believe in keeping their clients happy. The Photo Team believe in just that.

2.) Have a look at the events they have attended so far. This usually tells you a lot by the clients that have booked them and the venue. The Openphotoboths have visited many venues around the UK from prestigious weddings to large Corporate events.

3.) Have a look at the type of photo booth they are using? Is it a closed photo booth, a camera on a tripod, a mirror photo booth, think about the benefits as well as the limitation of each. The Openphotobooths team provide just that an open photo booth.

4.) With each type of photo booth look at their output. Is the photo clear, does the photo have a personalised border with date which would have been picked by the client to help their guests remember the day? We always ensure the client gets to choose a completely bespoke design so its tailored just for them.

5.) Look at the types of back drops on offer? A good photo company will allow their client to choose from an array of backdrops suited to the event and the personality of the client. This gives it a special touch. The Openphotobooths have approximately 15 different backdrops to choose from.

6.) Seeing what else comes with the booth is essential. OK, so every booth will come with their props, but is it of a high quality? Does the company throw in any other perks such as a picture guest book to stick in the additional print and write a message for the client, maybe digital prints from the website or even unlimited usage for your guests to use the booth?

There is nothing worse than a mechanical instrument taking a photo with no life, soul or personality… The Photo Team’s Openphotobooths comes with its own photographer who will be ready to gear you up into a unique fun position for your pose and get you into the mood to party, personality comes as a standard! Our professional open photo booth is guaranteed to liven up any event, and give your guests a fun experience as well as a great keep sake to remember your event by.

7.) Pricing is important, why pay more than you need too? We may be a cheap photo booth with hiring prices starting from ONLY £299 but we are guaranteed to deliver top results.

8.) Hire duration is also important along side the price. Does the company’s pricing justify their time at your event? Also how long do you need? This should depend on the volume of guests you have attending. You will see that we offer a competitive price with many perks, and flexible yet affordable hire durations. The Openphotobooths has attended events with guest numbers as small as 50, and as large as 2000. We also have 6 teams, so we are able to attend up to 6 events on the same day. We are not a one man band.

So by reading this blog I think you would have already come to the conclusion that contacting us for your nearest photo booth is the best decision to make. Hiring a photo booth in Kent and London is easy. You go onto our website, fill in the booking form and hey presto, job done!

Thanks for reading!

Openphotobooths Team