Did you know that the very word “Photography” comes from Greek words? “Photo” means light and “Graphics” means drawing. Hence why photography can be described as “Drawing with Light”.

Photography lighting can be the difference between a breathtaking photo and a terrible one. We all know that without good lighting, a photograph can be grainy and blurred. At The Photo Team our Professional photographers understand the relationship between their camera settings and the light that they have available. Different kinds of light can create different effects in a photograph. If a photographer knows how the light will change the picture, he or she can create the exact photo that they want. Good lighting determines a nice tone, atmosphere and mood.

The following equipment also assists our photographers to perfect the correct lighting for the studio environment:

Flash Heads

Studio flash heads have several advantages for the photographer because they are powerful, and give out much more power than the average portable flash.

Having lots of power means that you can control the light in interesting ways, you can manipulate the light using umbrellas to diffuse the light and soften the shadows.

Light Stands

Its important to have these to support the flash heads and ensure that the light source is positioned away from the camera. The stands allow the photographer to position the light at the appropriate distance and angle from the subject.


Umbrellas are used in photography to soften the effect of flash. Without them then the image will be overpowered by shadows.

​Our Open Photo Booth photographers always allow for plenty of time in order to test the environment for the correct lighting and to make sure the photography work station is set out in an orderly fashion. Testing will ensure that when photos are taken the process will be quick and amazing photos are produced without having to retake numerous times.

The Photo Team hire professional photographers who have mastered how to create those perfect photos with the magic of correct lighting. Therefore each image is of high quality creating beautiful and instant shots. No one will walk away disappointed. Contact us today for your nearest open photo booth and allow our photographers to give you something to remember.

Thanks for reading!

Love, The Photo Team