5 of the Best, from the Girls…

After the Boys, we here at The Photo Team are sure that you ALL have been waiting for 5 of the best, from the girls…

So let’s be honest, any countdown is difficult, so many good pictures to chose from, it was hard, but it comes down to this, 5 pictures voted for by the staff at The Photo Team.

If you’re wondering why these pictures were chosen, it’s a number of reasons, from the pose, the lighting, the participant to name but just a few of things what makes these pictures our favourite…

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So wait no more, here are some of the best pictures of the girls, in our opinion these are some of the highest quality pictures we are sure you will ever of seen from a photo booth, the one and only openphotobooth.co.uk by The Photo Team, often imitated but never equalled…

Number 5.

No selection would be possible without including Angelina, work it girls, looking great!

Number 4.

Its all about the peace, world peace, until then, there is always happy memories with the Open Photo Booth.

Number 3.

Merry Christmas Boys and Girls… Now that what you call a Christmas greeting!

Number 2.

Feeling a bit Charlies’s Angels? The girls working it on a night out, only with the Open Photo Booth!

Number 1.

Just Beautiful, loved the whole hoick up the dress further, clearly all about the leg!

So these girls did go crazy in the Open Photo Booth, but unfortunately some of the pictures that were taken we thought were a bit X-Rated to be shown here 😉

Thanks for reading as always!


The Photo Team

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