February 2018

Face your fears & live your dreams

Face your fears and live your dreams


​Did you know that when human babies are born they only have two innate natural fears, falling and the sound of loud noises. Experts have noted that all other fears are borne through external environmental factors. So what stops us from being the best and accomplishing our dreams? There are many factors such as fear that perhaps setting up your own business may not go to plan, the financial implications and the effort that needs to be put into it. There is also the fear of trying to keep up with other competitors and trying to market yourself in such a way that will put you on par with others within the same industry who are already established. Fear does nothing but block us from what we truly deserve and we either take a huge leap of faith or just operate within our means which means no risk of falling short.


All the successful stories start with people who started with nothing but invested all they had on the one thing that would give them that big break and it was the commitment and a single focus that got them where they are today.



We all have to take that approach in order to make a change from standard to excellent. The Photo Team’s Open Photo Booth service was born with power, effort and passion to advance current wedding photo booth and party photo booth photography. What was currently on offer by other providers was professional photo booth and digital photo booth photographers who provided results but were not putting in 100 percent effort.


The Open Photo Booths service can guarantee an expert team from administrators to photo booth photographers to provide outstanding photography at an affordable price. All team members do not focus on what won’t work but what will work and any doubts are washed away knowing that we go out to achieve the best and will deliver the best.


To experience our Photo Booth London and Photo Booth Kent photographers then don’t delay and contact us today.


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The Open Photo Booths Team

What is your forte

What is your forte


I think it is fair to say that we can’t be masters of all trades when it comes to conquering the photography market. The most successful photography companies or agencies are the ones who have tapped into one or several areas of photography but not all! By trying to come across big and providing photography for every type of an event is just not possible as you won’t have the time to passionately serve and master each area. Being a professional photo booth photographer doesn’t mean that you will be an excellent wedding photographer. Although the skill set is the same, you have to be able to stand out from the thousands of other photographers who have worked their blood, sweat and tears in order to be the best in the market.



We at The Photo Team’s Open Photo Booths are fortunate that we have sought professional and skillful wedding photo booth and party photo booth photographers who are able to attend several events a day and know how to take photo booth photos seamlessly. The Photo Team do not pretend to be something they aren’t and hence why they expanded on their services with the Professional Photography and Events Paparazzi service. All three areas have been nurtured and grown to be the best in the market. Our digital photo booth photography is only rated first class by all our clients and this is how we envisage it to be going forwards. We take no short cuts and each photographer we take on gives 100% to each and every project including using the best equipment and understanding how to use it to their advantage.


Our Photo Booth London and Photo Booth Kent photographers work solely on many events to provide professional photos. With one to two events every single day to be photographed and priced competitively we have been able to retain the best clients out there and get our names known in the photo booth world.



So if you are are someone looking for a market leading photo booth photography service then you have come to the right place. Contact us today for your nearest photo booth to enhance your event.


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The Open Photo Booths Team


The look of love

The look of love


It is coming up to that time of year again where we get ready for a special day of romance, Valentines Day. Where sweet words are whispered to our loved one’s ears, as well as an exchange of gifts and cards to mark the occasion. It is a time to surprise the people we love and make it known how much we adore them.


Over the years our professional photo booth photographers have mastered how to take the natural look of love at many events. All photos taken by our wedding photo booth and party photo booth photographers are taken with sophistication and class and captures the true essence of what love means.


Here are our top photographic moments of love:


The locked eyes and power gaze


Our digital photo booth photographers have the ability to catch those perfect moments through their expertise of photo booth photography.


The look of admiration


Our photo booth London and photo booth Kent photographers are rated for just this, getting into the heart of the event and capturing moments that can be treasured for a very long time.

The romantic touch

Our photo booth photographers make the subjects feel truly comfortable so they can show their true feelings for each other.


Unconditional love


That look of love that no one can compete with. Book The Open Photo Booth’s photographers and you will not be disappointed.


So from all at The Open Photo Booths enjoy your day with the special person/people in your life and we will leave you with the following quote, ”Aimer, ce n’est pas se regarder l’un l’autre, c’est regarder ensemble dans la même direction” meaning “Love doesn’t mean gazing at each other, but looking, together, in the same direction”.


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Love, from all at The Open Photo Booths Team

The sky is your limit

The sky is your limit


Drones are being used by London events photographers to capture a bird eye’s view and is found to be popular as these images would not be able to be taken by a photographer or cinematographer alone due to the images being taken at an extreme height. The first drone which took pictures was created in the 19th century and now it is being used at large events such as weddings, sports events, real estate images for videos and brochures as well as used for corporate videos to capture beautiful landmarks and its surroundings.



So why is drone photography getting more usage:


  • It is great for Real Estate photos, as it gives buyers a true 360-degree footage of the building and its surroundings. Whether you are an event photographer or even professional photo booth photographer this tool will come in handy and serve you well.


  • It reaches heights that no London photographer, wedding photo booth nor party photo booth photographer can even possibly get to such as tree tops and even over body water.


  • Its breath-taking footage will guarantee to get the most hits on social media and the event photographer in London and digital photo booth photographer will certainly be praised for their masterpiece.


  • You can live stream the footage from the camera to your phone so that it can be shown to people in real time. This is especially great for your clients who may want instant images and videos that they want to share on social media asap.


  • Drones are now not as expensive as they once used to be and with a range of products available a London events photographer and photo booth photographer can choose something within their budget.



So, to enhance your London photography why not try investing in a drone and see how it can fit to your client’s requirements. Contact us for your nearest photo booth to find your closest photo booth London or photo booth Kent photographer.


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The Open Photo Booths Team