October 2017

There is power in self-sacrifice

There is power in self-sacrifice


Our founder was always a keen photographer and from a young age was drawn and fascinated to photos. He was handed a camera from his father who too shared the same passion as him and growing up he was exposed to an array of photos from family portraits to days out. These were neatly compiled into albums for him to cherish for years to come.


Our founder was wise above his years from a very young age. As a young boy he studied and observed people and technology, questioned when unsure and was always fascinated with what made the world go round. He was taught to be independent which subsequently ensured he always had a back up plan and ideas on how to succeed in life. Growing up he was able to cleverly transfer all his skills to any given task and also learn new tasks, if he didn’t know he would find out how to do it.


From an adolescent to his mid 20s he worked with people and was able to communicate effectively and gently coerce people into his thinking by presenting facts and always showing the right way as opposed to the wrong. He was a “people person” and anyone that was fortunate enough to be in his vicinity were able to remember him always as the one that “helped”, the one who had the answers and the one who never said “no” if someone needed a lending hand. He guided and trained people but also provided them with home truths to put people on the right track and to better themselves.


Although he didn’t start off as a professional wedding photo booth photographer he fell into a career where he would be able to transfer his skills to his new found love of events photography as well as digital photo booth photography.



He carefully assessed his surroundings, the competition and he didn’t believe in “no action”. To be the best and to succeed he learnt, used his known resources, researched and invested in the right equipment. When he finally set up The Photo Team he was able to utilise his acquired skills and able to hire the best party photo booth photographers.


The founder of The Photo Team is conscientious, intelligent and most of all always looking outside the box and this means being able to assess what can make The Photo Team stand out from other photography companies that may offer the best photo booth Kent and photo booth London photographers.


He looks after his staff and can sift out the weak from the core strength of his team. This has helped him where he is now and ensures his company have a strong players of photo booth photographers.


The founder’s self sacrifice is what has built a strong body of key event photographers. They too work hard as they are able to see how much is invested in them so they want to give something back to the company by delivering the best client service and exemplary quality photos.


As his team members we believe our founder is the art to our story and has shaped our careers. We are all fortunate to be part of The Photo Team’s Open Photo Booths’ journey.


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From all at The Open Photo Booths Team

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it


In 2009, The Photo team was born and the founder had a vision to follow his passion in photography and take photos at any event for free just to get his foot in the door and enter the photography world. No task was too much for him and he didn’t know whether any booking would make him money but he was happy to give up his time for his new found love in event photography including professional photo booth photography. As the bookings started coming through, his hard efforts were evident to see which then transpired to paid bookings. His natural flair in communication and competitive spirit came to his advantage when he tapped on doors to find new business and he wasn’t afraid to be persistent and call repeatedly for someone to give him an opportunity. He used his initiative and found a lead that would eventually bring him to openings that would change the next 8 years of his life. With the main emphasis on The Photo Team he was able to fill up the diary but he wanted to tap into a market which had not been seen at any other event. Intellect helps to cultivate and spark creativity and this is how The Open Photo Booths and Events Paparazzi service were born shortly after. Through a few trials and errors the services including the party photo booth and wedding photo booth were seen as a success at weddings, corporate events and parties. The founder was then keen to get as many event and photo booth photographers to cover any given event around London and Kent. With many bookings coming through it was evident for recruitment to be in action and implemented. To be a natural born leader you have to be able to command a room and inspire a team to perform at their best. The founder of The Photo Team is just that as he is able to attract, recruit and retain talent in digital photo booth photography. He manages to hire the best event photographers based on the talents and personality which can echo his morales, the Company’s ethos and who share the same passion as he does. He also knew using his initiative at all times was important in business as it continually pushes his photo booth Kent and photo booth London photographers to learn more, and perform better. He didn’t know whether the company would become a success and the key was that he wasn’t afraid to take risks to advance the business and improve revenues.


In 8 years he now has 18.7K followers on Instagram, over 11K followers on Facebook, written over 120 blogs over three sites, interviewed 504 photographers, re-vamped The Photo Team website three times, founded three more services including the SelfiePartyPrints and hired a solid team of event photographers. He has also kept up with the competitive market and ensured he is loved by his team and clients by being an effective communicator to ensure the highest levels of efficiency. He has shown that he is reliable, has the business acumen to price competitively and has the likeability factor which shows from the number of applicants who email him on a daily basis to be part of his successful team.



The Photo Team are now one of the leading professional photography agencies in London, with a team of highly trained, experienced and motivated professional photographers who work for a number of prestigious clients across the country delivering amazing pictures for corporate and conference events as well as expanding to Open Photo Booths, Events Paparazzi and SelfiePartyPrints.


It just shows that when you follow your passion with a lot of hard work and perseverance, it can really pay off and make your dreams come true when dedicating yourself to be an event photographer.


So from behalf of us all at The Photo Team, we would like to thank our hardworking and inspirational boss who strives to keep him and his team at the top always!


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The Open Photo Booths admin staff and photographers

A good half of the art of living is resilience

A good half of the art of living is resilience


Like with any profession you need to have resilience in order to survive and be the best in what you do. The Photo Team believe that the three elements of resilience are, to recover well from setbacks, to adapt well to change and to be able to keep going. Read further to understand what it means for our photographers:


Recover well from setbacks

Everyone has faced some set back in their profession and it can be hard to recover especially when it is the first time in their career. Facing the unknown or a curve ball in early stages of any profession can really deter junior event photographers. This is why we at The Photo Team train our new professional photo booth photographers and we don’t just throw them in the deep end immediately but we let them shadow our most longstanding digital photo booth photographers. Our new recruits learn from them first hand on how they will deal with certain situations and understand the do’s and dont’s at any event. They learn to enhance their knowledge from our party photo booth photographers who understand their qualms.


To adapt well to change

All photographers face similar challenges from the timetable changing, or maybe a slight set back on their equipment. The key thing is to change your mind set and religiously recite in your head that you can overcome any challenge and be flexible. Be prepared for set backs such as having extra equipment with you on the day, be prepared for last minute changes and pre-empt what that could be so you are already predicting how to deal with certain last minute alterations. Our photographers have been able to become stronger and confident over time due to learning from any hitch which in turn has made them confident in their abilities.



To be able to keep going

For over half a decade we have educated and taught our new hires the art of overcoming obstacles, how to persevere when problems arise and to bounce back from adversity. When something knocks our event photographers off their feet they have become resilient to understand how to resolve any matter quickly and still provide a service with a smile. This is why we are respected as one of the top photography agencies in London due to outstanding wedding photo booth photography.


Nothing can demoralise or phase our resilient photo booth Kent photographers and photo booth London photographers as they are able to manage their emotions, converse effectively to deliver the outcome and are confident in their ability to deliver any named task.


So to be part of a team of a best bunch of photo booth photographers then contact us today.


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The Open Photo Booths Team

Getting smart with photography

Getting smart with photography


The only way any photographer can get ahead of the competitive photography industry is to eliminate any bad habits which can save money and time. The Photo Team are masters of Event photography as well as professional photo booth and digital photo booth photography and have experienced the peaks and troughs of setting up a business but 8 years on and with full determination and persistence they have understood how to retain all their clients and provide a number of exemplary services such as the Open Photo Booths, Events Paparazzi, Professional Photography and SelfiePartyPrints.


So here are some do’s and dont’s to help new photographers along the way:


Do not think that being a wedding photo booth photographer means to take thousands of photos at any given event. It means knowing when to take the photo at the right time. It is a waste of time trying to capture every single step a subject makes in order to get the one right shot. Listen, watch and think of what shot the client is most likely to appreciate. This way you will spend more time being aware of your surroundings rather than your eye constantly behind a camera. Taking less photos but of high quality means less editing afterwards!


We have a number of party photo booth photographers who are busy week in and week out, attending top events throughout London and Kent. Over time and with experience they have understood that thinking ahead is crucial, know the timetable of the day in advance and understand your camera so that the ISO settings are just right for the next shot. Failure to get the settings right will mean poor quality of photos and could jeopardise any future bookings.



Our photo booth London photographers and photo booth Kent photographers have all understood why it is important to invest in a good camera in order to produce fantastic shots but don’t always assume quality is equal to the price. Focus less on the price tag, and more on whether or not a given item is right for you, especially when buying a camera. Does it fit your current skill level? Are you familiar with all of the functions and tools it comes with?


So communicate with other photographers, learn from the best and find something that suits you in order to understand what type of equipment and type of photography resembles you. All our photo booth photographers at The Photo Team have and so can you.


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The Open Photo Booths Team