November 2016

Have a White Balance Christmas

Have a White Balance Christmas

Office Christmas parties are widely regarded as the biggest social event in the calendar. It is an opportunity to let your hair down, mingle with colleagues and converse about non work related topics as well as getting your glad rags on!

Of course the theme, venue and location of the event is important but what is even more significant is the entertainment at the party! This is an opportunity to show your staff that you care about them and to show them how much they are appreciated. There are the standard DJs, live bands and unlimited drinks at the bar however all this is seen as the norm and is expected each year. The key to bringing the “wow” factor to your corporate event is to provide something to your guests which they will not be expecting at all, an Open Photo Booth!

We at The Photo Team can provide an experienced photographer and their elves who can get your guests into the Christmas spirit, providing light humour and bringing a beautiful smile on your guest’s faces which in turn will produce entertaining and impressive photos. The quality of the photos will be exceptionally good and you and your guests will value them as a Christmas ornament.

The gift to our clients is that we are affordable and although we may be a cheap photo booth we provide a service that can not even be compared to other photo booth companies.

So do not be seen as a Grinch but instead a Saint and treat your staff to an Open Photo Booth Christmas experience with The Photo Team. With just under four weeks to go, dates are limited so contact us today to hire a photo booth.

Wishing all our new and existing clients a very Merry Christmas and looking forward to working with you in 2017!

Lots of Love from, The Photo Team

Kindness Day

Kindness Day

Kindness Day UK is celebrated on World Kindness day and is an annual celebration on 13th November. It is a day to celebrate and promote kindness in all its forms. Show some kindness today and make a difference to someone’s day. No matter how small your gesture is, it all counts!

We at the Photo Team believe that the best way to make your guests feel appreciated is to provide them with a gift that will really get them excited, provide a lot of fun and give them something they can keep as a lasting memory. If you are thinking of a big birthday, bar mitzvah, a corporate event, hiring a wedding photo booth or even a party photo booth, then think of us and view the previous events that we have attended to see the quality of our photos and how we provide a service like no other. A cheap photo booth we maybe but the best thing is that our service is out of this world, that is why we are constantly recommended to new clients by former clients. Therefore, why not book The Open Photo Booth and show your guests how much you value them for attending your special day by hiring a professional photo booth with an amazing photographer. A warm smile is the universal language of kindness and this smile is what you will get in return from your happy attendees captured in a beautiful photo.

Booking us is so simple you choose the package, fill in our online booking form and you leave the rest of the hard work to us! Our helpful admin team are always at hand to answer any of your questions before you book, so if you have any hesitations then we are here to put your mind at ease and make the process as easy as possible. Contact us today for your nearest photo booth and remember how beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it! So make a difference to your party and hire a photo booth to make a good event into a spectacular event.

Thanks for reading!

Love from The Photo Team

Tips for beginner photographers

Tips for beginner photographers

Photography is a popular hobby for all age ranges. Whether you just use the camera at special events or take it up professionally it is used by the vast population as a way of capturing and sharing special moments with loved ones across the globe. With many keen photographers ready to start a hobby and eventually a profession in photography it can be daunting as you do not where to start, how much to spend or what to spend your money on.

Here are some quick tips from the The Photo Team’s photographers to help you get on the right track:


Do not buy expensive equipment

There is no point in spending thousands straight away on a very expensive camera when you are just at the beginning stages of understanding the beauty of photography. Start with an inexpensive camera such as a digital camera or compact camera and get comfortable with the camera’s features. Once you understand the basics you can then choose to buy a camera that will feel comfortable to you.

Click here to understand the main differences between a compact camera, a superzoom camera, DSLR camera and compact system cameras.


Buy an inexpensive tripod

Perfect for those shaky hands. Sometimes it is better to buy a tripod just to understand how it works and understand the timer function. You never know when you will need it in the future.


Make notes along the way

Keep a notepad with you at all times. This will help you keep a track of what has worked well, what has not and what you are planning on capturing next. With new technology you can even just add notes to your phone so its easier to manage.


Always keep your camera with you and keep clicking away

At the beginning stages your camera will be very small and compact so perfect for you carry around with you and snap away when you can. Photo opportunities can come up when you least expect it so a little tip is to always have it to hand.


Do not be afraid to experiment

The best way to learn is to just click away and experiment with the features of the camera. Understand how photos are captured in different lights, angles and the best way to capture different subjects such as people, objects and even nature.


Take your time with photography and make sure your framing and composition are as good as possible before you take the shot. Practice makes perfect!


Thanks for reading!


Love, The Photo Team