September 2016

The Open Photo Booth – What is all the fuss about?

The Open Photo Booth – What is all the fuss about?

Photo Booths have been around for years and has evolved over time. Today, the vast majority of professional photo booths are digital. The first photo booth was set up on Broadway in New York city in 1925. For 25 cents, the booth took, developed and printed 8 photos, a process taking roughly ten minutes. In the first six months after the booth was erected, it was used by 280,000 people and lets say the rest is history!


Since then a variety of booths have derived such as the popular passport photo booth and the photo sticker booth which are a special type of photo booth that produce photo stickers. It still maintains huge popularity in Japan. Digital photo booths such as a party photo booth and wedding photo booth have been the talk of the town and it just does not feel or sound right if you do not book it for an event. The photo booths are used for bar mitzvahs, weddings, corporate events, mile stone birthdays, baby showers and even hen parties. To make things more complicated there are now different types of photo booths such as the closed booth, camera on a tripod, mirror booth and the Photo Team’s popular open photo booth. Click here to view our summary table of what other booths have to offer V what The Photo Team can offer you.


So I hear you ask what is all the fuss about with The Photo Team’s, Open Photo Booth?


1.) When a client enquires into booking us we reassure them that at no point will they feel that they have missed out on any of the action taking place at the booth as the beautiful prints will capture every moment and be stuck to the guest book as a memento for them.



2.) Our pop up back drops are of high quality and there are many to choose from. You will be spoilt for choice!



3.) We can cram up to 15 guests into one photo which is amazing! This means no one misses out on any of the fun! Our team are experts in organising people so that we can fit everyone in.



4.) We can guarantee laughs and smiles as the Open Photo Booth staff are on hand to help the guests on the day. We provide a professional and personal service. Guests wont be left alone and with our professional photographer on site everything will be sailing smoothly. We even encourage all age groups to get involved and experience the booth at least once. They always end up coming back for more!


5.) All guests will want to try on all our luxury props. It is like a treasure chest full of goodies! That is why most of our guests at any event come back for more and not only do they want to try on a new mask or wig they too want to strut their stuff and try a new pose too!



6.) Receiving an instant high quality photo on the day is what all guests want and is what we provide with a bespoke template. You can also download a high resolution digital print from our website.



7.) You cant compete with our price. We may be a cheap photo booth but are able to provide you with all of the above, all hand tied with love, care and perfection!
To hire a photo booth and to book your nearest photo booth all you have to do is visit our website and fill in our booking form. So why don’t you try us out and see what all the fuss is about!


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The Photo Team

Who should you book with?

Who should you book with?

It is always so difficult trying to figure out which photo company to pick for your special event especially as there are so many on the market with their own spin of what photography means to them. You need a service that is reliable, trustworthy and won’t let you down on your big day. Running up to the event you need them to be contactable and open to communication and be able to reassure you that everything will be alright on the night! Most of all you need a service that is second to none and the quality of the photos to be outstanding.

The Photo Team are just that, we offer a sterling service that has been commended by many of our Corporate clients from Major Banks such as Barclays to Retail Giants such as Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s and Hotels such as Mercure Hotel Chain.

Our non corporate clients also use our services for wedding photo booths and party booths whether it be for a major event such as a bar mitzvah, hen party, baby shower, wedding or a birthday. We offer a great professional open photo booth with a professional photography admin team who will be able to ease your concerns before, during and after the event.

Here are some of the questions you should be thinking about before you book a photo booth from a Photo company:

Openphotobooths understanding

Do they understand your needs?

When you contact a photo company they should be able to understand your every need and be willing to work around what you want, after all you are the client. The Photo Team do just this, we answer any questions that you may have regarding our digital photo booth swiftly and promptly. We believe our client is king/queen so we will work around what matters to you.

Openphotobooths Listeners

Are they good listeners?

There is nothing worse than having a photo company telling you what they think you should do as they have had plenty of experience. You need to book a company that will listen to your needs and give you the right advice. We at The Photo Team are happy to have a conversation with you and listen to what is important to you.

Openphotobooths flexible

Do they put your mind at ease?

The photo company should be able to help you relax and enjoy the process of booking the event. There should be no doubts in your head after having spoken to them. At the Photo Team we do just that, we listen, give you advice and talk you through our packages clearly and concisely. All our admin team and photographers are super friendly and efficient.


Openphotobooths understanding

Are they flexible? 

You will be able to tell from the website and the person you talk to on the other end of the phone about how flexible they really are. They should be helpful and reassuring and nothing you ask of should be too much effort for them. Our Open Photo Booth London and Open Photo Booth Kent are flexible to your needs when you need it.


Openphotobooths packages

Are their packages appealing?

Without a doubt you will have photo companies at cheap prices however although we are a cheap photo booth we offer an excellent service with great quality prints. Our packages are so easy to understand that once you have read the information on our website you will hire a photo booth.

Openphotobooths Website Questions

Does their website answer most of your questions?

A good photo company should have an excellent website with a wealth of information so that you are able to get a flavour of what to expect on your big day. There should be narratives, images and helpful FAQs so that by the time you do call us, you would only have a few questions to ask!

So why not try us out for your special day. Our Open Photo Booths are fun, interactive and will be the talk of your party!


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The Photo Team

6 reasons as to why you should book an Open Photo Booth by The Photo Team

6 reasons as to why you should book an Open Photo Booth by The Photo Team

Photo Booth have become a part of lots of different types of functions.

They can be fun, hip, cool and functional at any party. However, what is even better is having an open party photo booth or wedding photo booth at your event. They not only capture great pictures, but can also entertain you and your guests.  Open Photo Booths are just that, open and interactive and you are not closed off from the rest of the event so you are not missing out on anything. You can fit many more people into the photo, create some great memories and are able to share your fun moments with all your guests.

Here is by The Photo Team’s top 6 reasons as to why you should book your Photo Booth with us:

Fun factor

The professional photo booth will keep all your guests entertained the whole night. Your guests can queue up as many times as they like to take a photo, pick a prop, and the Open Photo Booth photographer will professionally put you and your guests in the most amazing and creative positions and a beautiful photo will be produced within seconds. This is how simple it is! As our photo booths are open, all the guests will be able to see other attendees being posed and will want to be part of the fun too. It is a great way of keeping your guests excited, entertained and never bored!

Great keepsake

The prints are a beautiful keep sake and a wonderful party favour. They will be personalised according to the theme of their party, with the name of the event and date, and if desired any personal message. A lovely touch for any attendee.

Every generation can get involved

The great perk about having an open photo booth is that everyone can get involved young or old. It will bring laughter to all generations and every time you look at the photo it will provide you with a wonderful memory and feeling. Here is a photo of three generations, Grandad with his Grandson and not to forget Dad. It even acts as a babysitter as children will be entertained all evening! So parents can relax and enjoy the rest of the event.

Additional benefits

Our open photo booths come with great luxury quality props from huge glasses, rubber animal masks, big wigs to our popular boxing gloves, and not to forget our huge over sized boxing glove. There is nothing in that box that your guests will not like as it caters for everyone’s taste and personality. We even have a wonderful guest book for the additional print to be added to and your guest’s message written beside it. You can also choose from a selection of backdrops for the backdrop of the Open Photo Booth, this can be chosen to match the theme of the event. Openphotobooths have the largest and greatest selection of professional quality backdrops. The greatest benefit is our professional photographer taking the photos. There will be no box with an automatic camera counting you down, instead there will be a lovely photographer on hand with his/her assistant guiding you through the experience. Our Open Photo Booth London and Photo Booth Kent will be able to travel to you and deliver this outstanding professional service.

Digital prints

Digital files can be shared instantly on to social media directly from the event, so you can share and tag away to your hearts delight. The digital prints can also be downloaded from our website after the event.

Great quality prints

Our digital photo booths take amazing high quality photos and will be the envy of anyone who doesn’t get a chance to get a photo taken. We only use high professional equipment to ensure that the output is phenomenal. Don’t forget the Openphotobooths has been developed by a leading professional photography agency, collectively with over 25 years of photographing at a professional level. This experience comes to every event.

You will NEVER see these sorts of results from any other photo booth hire in London and Kent.

We hope the reasons above will help you realise why you need to hire an open photo booth for your party with The Photo Team. So why not contact us for your nearest open photo booth.

Booking us is easy with three simple steps to follow (a) Visit our website (b) Decide which package best suits your event (c) Fill in the booking form and leave the rest to us! We promise you wont be disappointed.



A guide to booking a Photo Booth or an Open Photo Booth

Photo Booths have in recent times become an asset to any party, wedding or corporate event.

Its like a birthday party not having a birthday cake! That’s how much of a necessity it has become in our society and something that our guests are always wanting to see at any event. The photos itself are a like a party favour for each of the attendees as they are a memory for each person that attends the event. Every time you look back at the photo whether it be a wedding photo booth or party photo booth, you can certainly say you have experienced something unforgettable. However what makes it really unforgettable is choosing the right photo booth company to hire a photo booth from. Each photo company has its own version and interpretation of what a photo booth should deliver and look like.

Here is The Photo Team’s version of a guide to booking a photo booth who provide Open Photo Booths:


1.) Go onto the Photo Booth Company’s website and look at the quality of their photos. That usually tells you a lot about the company itself i.e. they must be using high end photography equipment, taking pride in how they deliver their work and most importantly believe in keeping their clients happy. The Photo Team believe in just that.


2.) Have a look at the events they have attended so far. This usually tells you a lot by the clients that have booked them and the venue. The Openphotoboths have visited many venues around the UK from prestigious weddings to large Corporate events.


3.) Have a look at the type of photo booth they are using? Is it a closed photo booth, a camera on a tripod, a mirror photo booth, think about the benefits as well as the limitation of each. The Openphotobooths team provide just that an open photo booth.


4.) With each type of photo booth look at their output. Is the photo clear, does the photo have a personalised border with date which would have been picked by the client to help their guests remember the day? We always ensure the client gets to choose a completely bespoke design so its tailored just for them.


5.) Look at the types of back drops on offer? A good photo company will allow their client to choose from an array of backdrops suited to the event and the personality of the client. This gives it a special touch. The Openphotobooths have approximately 15 different backdrops to choose from.


6.) Seeing what else comes with the booth is essential. OK, so every booth will come with their props, but is it of a high quality? Does the company throw in any other perks such as a picture guest book to stick in the additional print and write a message for the client, maybe digital prints from the website or even unlimited usage for your guests to use the booth?

There is nothing worse than a mechanical instrument taking a photo with no life, soul or personality… The Photo Team’s Openphotobooths comes with its own photographer who will be ready to gear you up into a unique fun position for your pose and get you into the mood to party, personality comes as a standard! Our professional open photo booth is guaranteed to liven up any event, and give your guests a fun experience as well as a great keep sake to remember your event by.


7.) Pricing is important, why pay more than you need too? We may be a cheap photo booth with hiring prices starting from ONLY £299 but we are guaranteed to deliver top results.

8.) Hire duration is also important along side the price. Does the company’s pricing justify their time at your event? Also how long do you need? This should depend on the volume of guests you have attending. You will see that we offer a competitive price with many perks, and flexible yet affordable hire durations. The Openphotobooths has attended events with guest numbers as small as 50, and as large as 2000. We also have 6 teams, so we are able to attend up to 6 events on the same day. We are not a one man band.


So by reading this blog I think you would have already come to the conclusion that contacting us for your nearest photo booth is the best decision to make. Hiring a photo booth in Kent and London is easy. You go onto our website, fill in the booking form and hey presto, job done!

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Openphotobooths Team

Do aliens exist?

Do aliens exist?

A conversational question… But one worth asking…

We are sure this is a question that we all wonder about from time to time…

Some more than others…

Especially more so now than ever before, given the fact that the experts say they have discovered an earth like planet, Proxima b, the planet is in the habitable zone of its star, meaning liquid water could exist on the surface, it may also be the closest possible home for life outside of our solar system.

Most people we speak to on our journeys say it’s obvious we’re not alone, how can we be, given the enormous size of the known universe, surely we can’t be alone?

Others we have spoken to ridicule the very idea, however others will persuasively speak of their own personal experiences of aliens and UFO sightings.

The increasing volume of bizarre reporting’s from credible sources stepping forward, as well as the mathematical probability suggesting the prospect of alien life, it is growing harder and harder to avoid this topic.

The Openphotobooths team with their photo booths roaming around London and Kent thought they would keep an eye out for potential aliens on their journeys, especially given the number of credible sources saying ‘Aliens are already living amongst us’… We want to see if this could be true, given the thousands of people that we photograph from week to week?

We thought a good a place as any to start looking would be in our amazing party photo booths and wedding photo booths, it was quite interesting what we found and came across on our journey…

This experience has definitely made us all believe that aliens are actually roaming around amongst us like normal people, we came across quite a few potential suspect individuals whilst we photographed people using our professional photo booth. Before we name and shame, we thought we would take this opportunity to say thank you for all the lovely comments, and for telling us how great your pictures were when our digital photo booth was used. At least we can now say we probably have the best Open Photo Booth in the known universe, as rated by potential aliens!

We even believe that one of the persons that actually hired our open photo booths recently may have even been an alien themselves, they too looked for a bargain by finding a cheap photo booth which was their nearest photo booth (given their on planet Earth, for other aliens reading this, the Openphotobooth team do not yet offer our services at interstellar locations).

Take a look at the gallery of what we found, I think it is best that you be the judge of who may be an alien…


Thanks for reading.


The Photo Team

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But is it really?

You’ve heard it a million times, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But is it really?

The saying goes way back and has been repeated ever since, but that doesn’t make it true, it just makes it easier not to punch someone in the face who seems to be trying to steal your ideas…

Of course, it’s occasionally flattering when someone gives you credit for what you have achieved… But that depends on the situation.

How can you tell the difference between imitation and flattery?

  1. Other companies copying everything you do.

Yes, this does happen, others in the same field are not smart or ingenious enough to come up with their own ideas…

No big issue, because it was your idea, who ever copies your idea will never see or understand the concept of what you have worked hard to create, copycats will often develop something very similar but with no substance.

It might be incredibly annoying to endure this, but in this case it’s probably worth being flattered…

  1. Your co-worker steals your ideas before you get to present them.

Nope, not flattering, simply imitation.

That’s just downright playing dirty and something to take seriously to preserve your reputation as a hard worker.

  1. Your competitors follow your every move.

Yes, this happens all too often, they constantly watch your every move, on social media platforms, they are constantly on your company website… Looking watching what they can copy… Quite sad actually, some people shouldn’t be in business, if they can’t come up with their own original ideas maybe they should think that this may not be the business for them, they have clearly lost their competitive edge…

Some photographers think it’s all about the kit they carry, however it’s not the tools you have, it’s how you use them…

Great people skills go a long way!

Imitation, unless they make the following (stalking) official, they should be bold and like your Facebook page, and follow you on Twitter.

  1. Your competitors steal your ideas.

That for sure is frustrating, you work hard and dumb arse people come along and take a short cut… Yes, this happens all the time.

The reality of it is they don’t have enough brain cells to generate their own ideas.

These sorts of people are not worth focusing on, time will eventually unravel them, often these people are the dinosaurs of the business sector they work in, they really should know when to get out of business, the world has evolved and left you behind!

Definitely imitation…

  1. You find others trying to copy what you do, but just really badly.

It’s not worth freaking out over, their poor effort will help them fall down all by themselves…

It’s like they say, give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves!!!


  1. Your competitors bad mouth you.

This is a little weird, but this could only be coming from their own insecurities, so try not to take it too personally and just do as you always do.

The reality of it is before you came along they probably had an easy ride… They were the default option as people didn’t know any better…

The truth is we have all experienced this in some way or another, whether it be in a restaurant or even a shopping place.

I bet when the likes of Lidl and Aldi first came along, Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s were not too happy, challenging their monopoly.

The reality of it is Lidl and Aldi dominate the shopping market place in Europe, and last time I looked Europe is a lot bigger than the UK…

Fact – Tesco has some – 6,351 stores globally, with Lidl having over 10,000 stores just in Europe…

This is no different to a London based company expanding in to other areas, having dealt with a fast paced and extremely competitive market place of London, other areas are only naturally going to follow? Why shouldn’t they, all people deserve the best, not just some half baked concept that’s had its time…

The Open Photo Booth is a unique alternative to the standard photo booth, it provides a quality service, with the best pictures you will have seen coming out a photo booth! All pictures captured professional, not just by a box, why leave the control of this to your guests? Instant live view, and pictures printed in seconds.

Book a quality reliable service that you know will make your event even more special (!

Here is a couple of pictures with the openphotobooth at work at The Grosvenor House, A JW Marriott Hotel, Park Lane, London.


Here is the quality of our pictures, you judge…


Thanks for reading!



The Photo Team


Why we take pictures…


The world we live in, means that cameras are every where… On streets, buildings, homes, and even in our pockets (mobile phones).
We are in a society that captures and shares every waking moment of our lives, whether we are out shopping, a special meal we have cooked, at a party or a wedding…Social media has definitively changed the way we view and share our pictures, from Facebook, Instagram to Twitter, all embedded into our lives, for some its a way of life, and others its a necessity…

The Openphotobooth has seen many changes over the last few years, so lets take a look at why we take pictures.

1.  There is a specific feeling attached to every picture.

We live extremely fast paced lives, moments are passing us by quicker than ever before, but with that our memories are infinitely filled with new memories, meaning a special moment, be it at a party, meeting a long lost friend, a wedding, or any social event are quickly all too distant memories. We are all trying to remember much more. The beauty of a picture is that it can take you back to that special moment in time in an instant, and remember that SPECIAL FEELING!

Take a look at this picture, three generations altogether for a great picture professionally captured by The Photo Team and their party photo booth. In years to come they will for sure remember the fun they had taking this picture and the event they all attended together, Grandfather, Father and Son…

2. Seeing is Believing

How much can our eyes take in? Do you remember every detail you saw today? Special moments can happen very quickly, pictures are great for reviewing things after the moment has passed. Great to look over those pictures and critic every detail at your own convenience.

Take a look at this great moment captured in two consecutive pictures by our photo booth hire, where did the lion come from? Only the people in this picture will know who the lion is…

3. Let pictures tell a story.

All big events in life are mostly captured professionally, at least by those who understand the difference of professionally captured pictures. Albums and photo books are still popular, however with social media it is very easy to tell a simple story through pictures digitally. The photo booth London and Kent could help do this, great pictures shared on social media from any event, or printed in an instant.

If your planning a special event, and you have hired a professional photographer to capture your event, I’m sure they will focus mainly on you and your immediate family, but who will be photographing your guests? Leave that to the digital photo booth… The Photo Team with their unique is exactly what every event needs, let your guests feel valued and let them have fun!

Take a look at some of these pictures and see how much fun your event might be missing if you don’t hire the Openphotobooths…

What is your story?

Look forward to seeing you soon!


Thanks for reading.



The Photo Team