April 2016

Deciding which is worth more: Price or Quality…

Deciding which is worth more: Price or Quality…

With the rising technological advancements, it has become easier for people to pursue their goals and interests. One area of interest that has witnessed a rise of people is photography. While it is possible for almost anyone to get a camera these days, it takes something more to become a professional photographer. People hire photographers for a number of occasions including birthdays, parties, corporate events and wedding. Seeing as each of these events is significant, the concerned individuals do wish to have memorable moments and for that, they hire the services of a photographer.

However, this is exactly the point where many make the wrong decision and ultimately, pay the price by having their memories ruined. One such experience was reported by a newlywed couple, who wanted to have many recollections of their special day. As it happened, they hired a student photographer that was offering her services at a low price. It turned out that paying a low price at the beginning actually led to huge costs later.

Not only was in reported that the photographer arrive forty-five minutes late for the ceremony but spent most of the time taking her own pictures instead of collecting memories for the couple. Moreover, only fifteen pictures were taken that were of an acceptable quality, rest of the pictures taken were poor and without proper angles.

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So, what did the couple derive from this rather devastating experience? That when it came to hiring the right photographer, something besides the price of services mattered and that something was actually the most important aspect: quality of work.

Many people make the mistake of going for cheap services, thinking that having the least price for photos taken as the best deal. However, if you truly wish to do justice for your event, either by hiring a photographer or a professional photobooth, then you need to move beyond such tangible goals and go toward the more important abstract quality. It is significant to consider the skills, expertise and conduct of the photographer because you will only get this one chance to make your day memorable and to make sure that the memories of your event are pleasant to look at afterwards.

This is why you find us offering not only professional photobooth services but also assure that the photo team is both reliable and skilled. Our cheap photobooth also addresses the price aspect while giving the best of party photobooth for any occasion. By finding our nearest photobooth, you also get to avoid any major problems resulting from poor coordination. Thus, by hiring the photo team which is not only proficient but also responsible and by availing our cheap photobooth that is simply sensational, you will avoid any major misfortunes occurring on your special day.

Just remember that when it comes to choosing between quality and price, the former one is what actually matters, as you shall see with The Photo Team’s party photo booth; because with the right price comes the right services. Thus, if you have an event coming up and are considering hiring a photo booth, do not take a chance with lesser providers you are not sure about. Just find your nearest photo booth at openphotobooths.co.uk and let us show you exactly how a professional collection of memories are made!

So have quality photo booth pictures like this…



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How to pick a reputable photo booth supplier, not trying to teach your Grandma to suck eggs…

If you are considering picking a photo booth supplier for an up coming special event, make sure you do your research.  The likely chances are you will approach a few different companies, look at their websites, look at what they are offering and of course look at the price…

But ask yourself, what do you actually know about these companies, and how good their service is?

Yes, take a small pause and have a think, and then ask yourself, how much is price leading my decision?

Many photo booth companies are run by people who have no experience of photography, or even any experience of events, except for attending as a guest themselves most likely, so why would anyone want to source their professional needs to someone like this? Why, because they offered a bargain cheap price?


So whether it is a wedding, a birthday or a corporate event, ask yourself is it an event that your going to be able run again and again? if it is, no problem hire the cheapest supplier you can find, who will most likely turn up with the cheapest photo booth they could source on the internet, with a few props from the poundshop, and less than perfect people skills, and that is if your lucky… And what about the quality of the pictures? All photo booths produce the same quality of pictures, right?


A large number of new photo booths use cheaper and inferior cameras, no different to the quality of camera in most mobile phones, yes this is true, ask for the specification of the camera from the supplier, they should know this, if they don’t, point taken? Start running!!! Run FOREST, Run!

This is the standard you can expect from the Open Photo Booths service.


At thephototeam.co.uk we have heard of a number of horror stories, from photo booth suppliers arriving late, having a poor set up, rude attendants as well as the actual photo booth collapsing while guests are still in the photo booth… Yes, these are all true examples, you only have to take some time to go through social media, and do some proper research on Google and you will find similar stories…

So your probably thinking, nah, it wont happen to me, I’m smart, but these people this has happened to are no different to us, normal people just like you and me, it happens…

Hindsight is a great thing, and all too often its the little details that can ruin an event, so why take the chance?

The Photo Team have developed a service called the openphotobooths.co.uk delivering a professional result, not only do we guarantee the best quality pictures that you will see from a photo booth, we promise you a service that will melt even the toughest of guests. How can we be so confident? Well interestingly enough we are professional photographers, The Photo Team is a events professional photography company who have worked for a variety of clients over the years delivering a professional photography service, we have an extensive team of professionals photographers who take thousands of pictures each week for clients like Hugo Boss, Coca Cola and Tesco’s, to name but a few of our recent clients…

So when we say we have the best open photo booth on the market, we believe we do, even other professional wedding photographers always comment how amazing our pictures are when we are attending events with our Open Photo Booths.

So our advice would be to do your research properly, look at multiple sources, read the reviews, anyone can get a friend to write a review, look for regular recent reviews across a variety of different sources, book a genuinely great service provider, after all isn’t that what you and your guests deserve? Please don’t just go with the cheapest provider, our professional Open Photo Booth starts from as little as only £279, we know that is competitive and cheap by most standards, so why take a chance, what you waiting for? Book the best, book The Photo Teams, Open Photo Booth service.

Check out some of these recent reviews we have received…

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Working Fun-Magic on Birthday Bashes with the Creative Open Photo Booth

Working Fun-Magic on Birthday Bashes with the Creative Photo Booth


When it comes to birthday parties, many pull out all the stops. After all, you only get to celebrate your special day once every year. Now while that means you get to gain one year, it also means that you get to sum up all the best days of the past year. While every single birthday, right from the moment of birth, is important, some birthdays just count for a little something more special, and that is why they deserve a bigger and more unique celebration. One such occasion is the “turning of age”, the Great 18th Birthday. The day that you finally become an adult and that is exactly why Kara made sure that hers turned out to be the best moment of her life!

Congratulations Kara!

For Kara’s 18th Birthday Bash, which took place on the 8th of April, she decided to make her party fest stand out. One of the creative things that she did was to use an inspired and artistic neon workout theme, which not only made the event stand out but also resulted in a highly colorful and enjoyable time for all. While this may seem to be the best part of the birthday bash, it actually wasn’t; the best part was the presence of our professional photo booth. With the energetic and spirited guests of the birthday girl, this party photo booth was all that was needed.
All of the young people responded well to it and took lots of snaps in the cheap photo booth. Because a huge collection of props was also provided without charging anything extra for the newly-turned eighteen, all the guests were able to go into the nearest photo booth and to make a lot of memories with the high-quality props.
The photo team made sure that no service was provided without giving complete satisfaction to the host as well as her distinguished guests. Because of the animated and creative nature of the props, they worked out quite great with the neon workout theme of the party.


The events paparazzi were also present and they were witness to the huge success of the open party photo booth. Photos of the event were also taken and high appreciation was given to the snapshots taken with the professional photo booth that turned out to be the major success on the occasion, resulting in everyone having fun all night long!
If you also wish to arrange a special Happy Eighteenth for a special friend of yours or even for yourself, then you need to find out the location of our nearest photo booth and book it now to make the event a success. After all, with our cheap photo booth, not only will you get to have the best night of your life but with the photo team, who are dedicated to providing the finest of services, you will find a professional fun attitude not seen elsewhere. So, don’t think anymore; make your day THE best day!

Thanks for inviting thephototeam.co.uk, with their openphotobooth.co.uk and the eventspaparazzi.co.uk.


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Neema & David’s Wedding Reception with Wonderful Recollections…

When someone is planning a wedding reception, which is a celebration of the beginning of soul mates’ journey, they prefer to hire a professional photographer, which not only proves to be a burden on their already restricted budget, but also doesn’t offer any on-the-spot memories for the guests to enjoy and reminisce about later. Because such recollections only serve to further strengthen the beauty of the event, we recommend the best thing for you: our professional Open Photo Booths.

When Neema & David’s Wedding Reception took place in March, 2016, they knew that they wanted something creative that will be the reason of joy and laughter for all. That is why they made sure to hire us, offering a “party photo booth” that kept everyone on their toes with excitement. They didn’t even need to spend much because our professionalism comes with a cheap photo booth, hence combining quality with creativity. The spectacular services of the photo team made sure that everyone had the best of times. Whether it was the youngest of guests or the most aged and distinguished, they all left with memories too good for a party photo booth. And to think they didn’t even need to go through any hassle, because all they needed to do was locate the nearest photo booth.

Due to the courtesy of our professional photo booth, all the guests were able to take high-quality pictures, using the finest of props available for their entertainment without having to actually pay any additional costs. They also were able to sign the diary with all their digital pictures, hence making it a truly worth-it moment.

Even though it was a cheap photo booth, it provided all the services better than a professional photographer. The standard of excellence was maintained by the photo team and what was previously a wedding reception became a place of laughter and pleasing amusement with our party photo booth.

If you are also planning a similar event in the near future or would like to surprise your dear ones with a creative experience that will surely make their time spent a highly memorable one, then all you need to do is look up the nearest photo booth. Because once you see for yourself what all the fuss is about with our professional photo booth, you will wish to hire us again and again. Also, if you are interested but are actually having second thoughts due to the cost, then you are again in luck because we offer such an affordable tag that our cheap photo booth leaves others in awe. The expertise and skillful conduct of the photo team will ascertain that you don’t worry about anything besides having a great time.

And if that is not all, you can have all your guests comment on the pictures right at that moment. Therefore, waste neither any of your precious time nor any hard-earned money on hiring a professional photographer. Just give us a chance to make your event even more special and to give you best recollections of a lifetime. After all, you only get one shot at capturing the right moment!




The Photo Team

Bring Life to your Memories with our Innovative Open Photo Booth

So, are you one of those people who have wondered more often than not about how they always end up having the worst pictures at a party or event, or where they are just not able to enjoy looking at the pictures later as they hoped? If your answer is yes, then we can understand your difficulty.

After all, hiring a professional photographer is expensive enough to prevent even thinking twice about it and the chances of getting a high-quality professional photo booth is near to impossible. But just wait there… do you also think along the same lines? That actually getting a professional photo booth, which will also does justice to the name, a cheap photo booth with regard to expenses, is a tough find?

Well, if that is the case, then you are one lucky person. Because we have got the best party photo booth there is to make sure that when you and your guests leave, there are ample of original, creative and exotic memories left behind. In case you are speculating about this too good to be a true miracle, then you should know that the photo team has worked hard to present one such “memories’ catcher” for all those interested in capturing their best times. Thus, if you have any event coming right up around the corner then it’s high time to get your ultimate cheap photo booth that will give the air of professionalism and innovation throughout.

Now your invitation doesn’t need to include limited people just because they all can’t fit into the picture. With courtesy of efforts of the photo team, no matter how large a group of people, they will all get their complete share in the picture. In addition, we are as fascinated by creativity as our valued customers, so we provide a vast collection of highly realistic props, the quality of which speaks for itself. And to add the cherry to the top, they are completely free of charge with all prepaid packages!

In case you are worried about whether only the fun loving people can get to have this party photo booth, then we are glad to inform you that no, it isn’t the case. No matter which audience you have, no matter what the event, and no matter what the specifications and demands, as long as it is memories you need with a professional photo booth we will provide you and your esteemed guests with an experience of a lifetime.

The proficiency and skills of the photo team will deliver pictures that surpass all standards for excellence and distinction. Thus, we encourage you to not settle for regular recollections; after all, you get one chance to capture the right moment. So, if we have been successful in convincing you about the special nature of your memories and you have made the best decision of your life by giving our “party photo booth” a try, you may be boggled by as to where the nearest photo booth may be? We have already taken care of it.  Our services are available at a wide number of locations all through the UK; you just need to check the list of names and successfully find the nearest photo booth to your place. When it comes to having the best, one shouldn’t have to compromise. And neither should you. Therefore, give us a call and witness as your event comes alive with the spirit of innovation, brilliance, and satisfaction!


Hope to see you soon, having your picture taken in one of our Open Photo Booths!


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AMAZING Props with every Open Photo Booth hire

The Photo Team’s Open Photo Booth comes with a variety of amazing props as standard, this is truly professional photo booth.

Whether it is a wedding photo booth or a party photo booth or even a cheap photo booth your after to make your event that little bit extra special the www.openphotobooths.co.uk is your nearest photo booth in London or Kent.

We believe we set the standard when it comes to delivering a first class Photo Booth service, offering picture results that any guest attending any event will talk about for a very long time!

So if you’re looking to hire a Photo Booth any time soon, think of The Photo Team’s Open Photo Booth, you will not be disappointed…

www.openphotobooths.co.uk for Photo Booth’s in London and Kent!




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Why our Open Photo Booth?

Open Photo Booths by The Photo Team.

We can provide your event with what we believe is the best professional photo booth you can have at your event, trust The Photo Team, we are extremely experienced professional photographers delivering digital photo booths in a truly professional way, we have a wealth of experience working with some of the biggest named companies known globally, like Hugo Boss, Jaguar/Land Rover, Barclays and Coca Cola.

So if your thinking of a party photo booth in London or in Kent see how the professionals do it properly, so hire a photo booth which will also be a cheap photo booth compared to the competition.

The Photo Team’s Open Photo Booth, look for our brand, look for our ring of quality, we set the standard, so why settle for anything less, anything else is just a lesser imitator…

Take a look at a recent event that we had the privilege of being invited to attend, we set up our wedding photo booth, thank you to Neema & David, congratulations, and all the best for your new life together, amazing couple!

The BEST Open Photo Booths, in London and Kent, we are The Photo Team, delivering your nearest photo booth.





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