February 2016

5 of the Best, from the Girls…

5 of the Best, from the Girls…

After the Boys, we here at The Photo Team are sure that you ALL have been waiting for 5 of the best, from the girls…

So let’s be honest, any countdown is difficult, so many good pictures to chose from, it was hard, but it comes down to this, 5 pictures voted for by the staff at The Photo Team.

If you’re wondering why these pictures were chosen, it’s a number of reasons, from the pose, the lighting, the participant to name but just a few of things what makes these pictures our favourite…

Photo Booth hire in London and Kent can be fun for any event or party, so if ever wondered what the best pictures have looked like, wonder no more, you could have pictures from you photo booth hire look every bit as good as our selection.

The Openphotobooth.co.uk by The Photo Team produces the best quality pictures for you and your guests, nothing will come close, no other digital photo booth or party booth comes even close…

Whether it’s a wedding photo booth, or a party photo booth or even a cheap photo booth, the Open Photo Booth, deliveries everything you will need and more!

So wait no more, here are some of the best pictures of the girls, in our opinion these are some of the highest quality pictures we are sure you will ever of seen from a photo booth, the one and only openphotobooth.co.uk by The Photo Team, often imitated but never equalled…

Number 5.

No selection would be possible without including Angelina, work it girls, looking great!

Number 4.

Its all about the peace, world peace, until then, there is always happy memories with the Open Photo Booth.

Number 3.

Merry Christmas Boys and Girls… Now that what you call a Christmas greeting!

Number 2.

Feeling a bit Charlies’s Angels? The girls working it on a night out, only with the Open Photo Booth!

Number 1.

Just Beautiful, loved the whole hoick up the dress further, clearly all about the leg!

So these girls did go crazy in the Open Photo Booth, but unfortunately some of the pictures that were taken we thought were a bit X-Rated to be shown here 😉

Thanks for reading as always!


The Photo Team

An Amazing Photography Service from Open Photo Booths London

An Amazing Photography Service from Open Photo Booths London

Are you looking to relish the best moments of your life at an upcoming event or party your planning? Do you want a professional company to capture the best moments of your life?

Well, you are at the right place, Openphotobooths.co.uk by The Photo Team offer a truly professional and reliable photo booth service to clients in London and Kent.

Open Photo Booth are suitable for all occasions 

  • Professional photo booth
  • Party photo booth
  • Digital wedding photo booth
  • Event photography

However keep in mind, the Open Photo Booth is a professional service and there is no compromise on quality. Furthermore, they we will deliver quality results at a reasonable rate. So if you are looking for high quality images from photo booth for your events then look no further.

While looking to hire a Photo Booth you need to make sure that you don’t fall in trap that most people fall into, book the service with the cheapest price, then feel unhappy with the quality or the service.

With The Openphotobooths, you don’t need to worry, a quality service, and an affordable price.

So whether its the comedy factor your after…

The more serious team pictures, perfect for corporate events, or company awards…


Also great for kids parties…


The Photo Team


Spend Event Photography Budgets Wisely

Spend Event Photography Budgets Wisely

It’s all about managing the budgets when your planning an event or a party, we at The Photo understand this better than anyone.
We have supplied our photographers and Open Photo Booths to a number of events and parties over the years in a number of different venues across the country.
Trust a team with the experience and skill to deliver results which will exceed all expectations, all within a budget you can afford.
Whether it’s a stylish vibrant look your after or just a great picture, it all needs a special attention, special enough to be caught in pictures, so the look can be cherished forever.
We understand budgets are always tight, but do you really need to make a trade off?
Poor quality pictures because of price?
Quality pictures don’t have to cost you the earth, , so choose the best photo booth on the market, choose the Open Photo Booth by The Photo Team. The openphotobooths.co.uk makes sure that you get the best pictures for your money.

Why have this…

When you can have this…

The foremost eminence of great pictures is the outcome of the expert photography; highly professional skills of Open Photo Booths melded with years of experience. Right from your looks until to the vogue mien everything needs the thought.

So whether it’s in London or the Kent regions. thephototeam.co.uk team can certainly make your photography budget stretch. One simple phone call and you have unquestionably sorted your event photography without a doubt. The Open Photo Booth will capture your pictures and boost you and your guests a fun for your occasions everlastingly. Adorable moments just like that with thephototeam.co.uk!
Do not have regrets after your event, if you hire a cheap photo booth nearby London or Kent, this well be the outcome.
The Open Photo Booth is similar to having your own photo studio at your event. Open Photo Booths are amazingly flexible as they come in a number of sizes.
A photo booth openphotobooths.co.uk makes it super simple for you to capture awesome photographs and share on the Internet over Facebook, twitter or Instagram. A single click and you can share your pictures in real-time with your friends and family.

Book a service that will do your event justice, book the Open Photo Booth by The Photo Team.

Thanks for reading.


The Photo Team


5 of the Best, from the Boys…

5 of the Best, from the Boys…

Photo Booth hire in London and Kent can be fun for any event or party, but have you ever wondered what the best pictures could look like from the best Photo Booth that you could hire?
Well Openphotobooth.co.uk by The Photo Team produce the best quality pictures for you and your guests, nothing will come close, no other digital photo booth comes even close…
Whether it’s a wedding photo booth, a party photo booth or even a cheap photo booth, the Open Photo Booth, deliveries everything you will need and more!

Here are some of the best pictures of the boys, great poses, great pictures, challenging the normal tacky comedy pictures that a photo booth produces, these are some of the highest quality pictures we are sure you will ever of seen from a photo booth, openphotobooth.co.uk by The Photo Team, lets take a look at the 5 best pictures, as voted by The Photo Team staff.

Number 5.

Looking cool with Brad…

Number 4.

Bothers in arms, 4 bros looking sharp.

Number 3.

Keeping it cool…

Number 2.

Mess with one of these, and you deal with them both!

Number 1

Chosen for a number of reasons, this remains a firm favorite, from great posing to great chemistry, its all right, can you believe this is taken in our Open Photo Booth?

The best of the best…

Look out for the best of the Girl’s, coming soon.

Thank you for reading.

The Photo Team

Standard Photo Booth vs Open Photo Booths

Standard Photo Booth vs Open Photo Booths

A photo booth is a photo booth, right?
The Photo Team have developed an Open Photo Booth, which is challenging the status quo when it comes to a digital photo booth.

So if you’re thinking of hiring a photo booth for your event in the near future, read this before you make any firm commitments…

Whether it be a party, wedding or a corporate event they are all special times. While you may not appreciate the pictures at the time of the event, our experience tells us that you’ll want to look back on the celebrations in years to come.
There’s so much more on offer to help you reminisce in years to come than the standard photographer pictures.
Professional Photo booths have become incredibly popular in recent years. But let us talk about how good they are, most come with silly props, and they can provide hours of fun, as well as being quite quirky and as an added bonus, your guests will be able to take prints home with them.

Standard party photo booths are functional and do a good job, but if you’re the one booking the photo booth, have you ever wondered which of your guests will actually be using the booth, have you ever thought, will all the guests, young and old access the booth? Keep in mind, most are flimsy boxes, and rely on the guest entering the cheap photo booth structure, also the standard Photo booth relies on the guest to operate the booth to take a selfie style picture.
Standard Photo Booths often also can produce random pictures as timing can be an issue due to the automatic process and count down, also they can produce very static boring compositions, the props are often worthy of a pound shop, with goofy hats, and big glasses, photo booth pictures can also hide the expression of a close personal connection, is this how you want your guests to appear in your pictures?

Why settle for pictures like this which is what a standard photo booth could produce?

So what is the alternative? Let’s take a look at The Photo Team’s Open Photo Booth.

For a start photo booths deliver average quality pictures, so why settle for average pictures, when you can have stunning high quality amazing pictures!
The Open Photo Booth promises to deliver the best pictures you have probably seen from a photo booth hire.
Hiring the Open Photo Booth will amaze your guests, it’s a true VIP experience not just a box at your event.

A professional photographer comes with every hire, this means the Open Photo Booth will always produce professional results, standard photo booth can produce relatively poor quality pictures in comparison. The photo Team’s Open Photo Booth will deliver superior quality pictures, and every picture will be professionally posed meaning all pictures will be completely unique and different.
It’s all about the experience as well as the pictures…
The Open Photo Booth is OPEN so that everyone can be involved, young and old. It’s a socially interactive experience for the entire crowd. People love watching just as much as they enjoy having their picture taken, this also allows larger groups/teams to have their pictures taken together, no cramming into a small box…
The Open Photo Booth by The Photo Team also include high quality props at no extra charge, it’s all included as standard, so GO crazy and create some really out of the ordinary pictures, it’s REALLY is great fun!

So you’re probably thinking the Open Photo Booth costs so much more?
You couldn’t be more wrong…
Packages staring from as low as £249, in some instances this could be more cost effective than a standard booth, with all the added celebrity factor at no extra charge.

Trust The Photo Team to deliver an amazing service, one which others only try to achieve, raise the bar at your event, wow your guests, and ensure your event is the event that everyone talks about for weeks after…
All pictures can also be shared digitally and via social media directly from the event, so lets see if your event trends with our help on social media.

Check out these amazing pictures taken in the Open Photo Booth by The Photo Team and take a look at our gallery by clicking here.

Hopefully this gives you some insight, and opens up a different option that you may consider for your event!

Thanks for reading.


The Photo Team

A review of 2015 in pictures.

A review of 2015 in pictures, here are some of our favorite Top 10 pictures!

The Open Photo Booth team have started the year with a bang, already lots of bookings mounting up for the 2016 diary. So we thought it would be a great time to take a look at some of our favorite pictures from 2015.
The various Open Photo Booth teams took some great pictures throughout 2015, across a number of different locations, different venues and of course different events, all the pictures we take are great, and unique in their own right, however some pictures just stand out from the rest.

So coming in at number 10.

Here is the classic James Bond type Mr Cool with his Bond girl, looking cool, with a massive amount of style…
In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity… Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Number 9.

Mr & Mrs Smith… Great picture of Brad and Angelina, take a closer look…
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…. Charles Caleb Colton 

Number 8.

Simple, beautiful and striking…
Although beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, the feeling of being beautiful exists solely in the mind of the beheld… Martha Beck

Number 7.

Brothers, friends or best pals?
They look very cool, very dapper…
Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes… Walt Whitman

Number 6.

These guys wanted to create a scene out their favorite film, guess the film from this quote… “My brother Forrest once said, nothing can kill us. We can’t never die. The reason being that in the Great War, my eldest brother, Howard, saw his entire battalion drown in the sea, every last one of them. He was the only survivor. And Forrest, well, that same year, Spanish Lady Flu damn near wiped out the entire state. Got Ma and Pa and Forrest, but against all the odds he somehow managed to fight it off. So you could see why Forrest felt that way. Me and my brothers are moonshiners, bootleggers. In 1920 they paid us the Prohibition Act, making sale of alcohol illegal. Well, at least it was supposed to be.”
Name the film?




Number 5.

Crrraaaiigg David… Enough Said.


Number 4.

Trying doing that in a normal Photo Booth!
So we love this one, simply for the instant nature of the picture, talk about sweeping a lady off her feet…

Number 3.

No, your not at Madame Tussauds…
Right so the whole Jame Bond pose thing is really popular, time and time again, good thing our Open Photo Booth teams have mastered the art of posing everyone in to the perfect position, never in a million years would you achieve this sort of result from a lesser photo booth.

Number 2.

Now were getting serious, we are down to the last two. This is a great picture, for a number of reasons, great positioning, great chemistry… But look much closer…
What do you see?
Do you see it?

We found it so funny.


So here is our Number 1 picture…


This picture remains a firm favorite with all of us, while the pose has been replicated a number of times, there was something very special about this group that makes this picture very special!

All these pictures are taken by our Open Photo Booth, why settle for anything less?
Amazing pictures every time, nothing left to chance…
If you want tacky horrible pictures with NO longevity then book a standard photo booth, if you looking for VIP service, with amazing original pictures, then book the Open Photo Booth by The Photo Team.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed our review of 2015, help us create magic moments at your event, book our service and you won’t regret it.


Thank you


The Photo Team




Meet one of the team… Meet Dal

Hello World,

I’m Dal, I’m a professional photographer for thephototeam.co.uk, I’ve been asked to write for our company blog for the openphotobooths.co.uk website, and if I am honest, I’ve never been very good at writing, hence why I have always gone by the phrase ‘a picture paints a thousand words’…

I suppose a good place as any is to write about what has brought me to this point in my life, well at least the photography aspect…
I have been taking pictures ever since I can remember, I think I acquired this from my father, when I was little, my dad was always taking pictures of me and my sisters, whether it be around the house, or when we was out and about, but back then it was a really big deal, especially as pictures were not shared digitally as they are now (no facebook, no instagram, no social media of any sort, come to think of it there was no internet!), cameras of the past didn’t have a preview screen on the rear of the camera. You took the pictures, waited for the roll of film to finish, and then sent it off for processing, you have to appreciate there could be a number of weeks before you actually saw the pictures you had taken, over time things speeded up, but when I was younger, it seem to take ages.

For those of you old enough to remember, I’m sure you will remember the days of only looking at pictures in a printed format. For me it was always nice receiving the pictures from the High Street Pharmacy or Grocery Store (sounds really strange writing that down, but as strange as it sounds this was where most people use to develop their pictures), we all use to gather around as a family and go through each and every picture in meticulous detail, it was a really lovely and interesting experience, I have many a fond memory of laughing and cringing with my family at the pictures that had been taken, especially as often was the case you had completely forgotten the pictures you had taken, there was a nice surprise element to it all, it was quality family time, sharing, commenting, critiquing and discussing.
This is very different to the instant world we live in now, let’s be honest 99% of the population walks around with a fairly decent camera in their pocket every day, every moment, the introduction of camera phones has changed everything, you can take pictures on your smartphone and share it with the world in an instant, the only difference is most people have become use to only looking at digital pictures. When I am photographing at an event where we have the Open Photo Booth set up, people often tell me it is really nice to see an actual print and often say how long it has been since they looked at a proper printed picture. When I was a child, I would never of thought or even imagined such a thing like a smartphone would have been possible, let alone actually happened, simply ingenious.

So I finally got my hands on my dad’s camera when I was in my teens, it was Yashica camera, with changeable lenses, and a separate flash, something similar to this.

For those that won’t remember, you have to bear in mind at this time, most other people were using point and shoot cameras, and auto zoom focus was slowly being introduced.
I was very happy with my dad’s old camera, it was hard to use at first as everything was manual, including the focusing, I distinctively remember the two yellow squares through the view finder that you had to bring together in a precise manner, or the shot would come out blurred.
This is where my journey began, where I started to develop the skills of a photographer, at a very early stage the pressure of working with a camera where everything was manual, and every single shot had to count, rolls of film came in various sizes, either 12, 24 or 36, yes, can you believe that? Only 12, 24 or 36 pictures at any given time.
I remember really budgeting with which pictures I really wanted to take, and culturing my camera skills to ensure I did everything to ensure the shot turned out how I really would like it to, and then hope for the best, as I would have to wait to process the pictures to see if I had captured the shot I was aiming for.
Over time my photography skills developed, and I got to a point where I made every single click of the camera count. I eventually moved with the times and transferred over to digital…
However, I do miss the old days of photography, there was something raw about the whole process, the not knowing, but I truly believe this is where I developed the passion for photography. All the skills and experience I gained when I was younger have all been put to good use working as a professional photographer for The Photo Team, and I really believe the time spent in my teenage years helped me to ensure I captured great pictures for all the clients I have worked for, but to be fair even now, I never stop learning, but I think that’s photography…
When I see less experienced photographers taking pictures, I always think this element maybe missing. I often see them snapping away frantically hoping to get that ‘Money shot’… No limitations of how many pictures can be taken, especially with the way digital memory cards have developed, they could take thousands of images in an instant, I remember the first digital camera I had, it could only take between 80-100 pictures before the memory card was full, I used to think that was amazing, as it was a significant improvement on the 12, 24 or 36 exposures you could take with the old film roll cameras.
I do believe this journey has contributed significantly to my skill development as a photographer, especially the way I frame a shot before I actually take the picture, old habits die hard I suppose…

My camera of choice is now a Nikon D4s.

I bring all these skills with me when I work for The Photo Team, whether it’s taking pictures at conferences or at corporate events, or working with the Open Photo Booth aspect of The Photo Team.
I really love taking pictures of people, I find people interesting and intriguing, I love capturing every little facet of detail, whether its a big smile or a frown or even a tear. When it comes to the Open Photo Booth I think this can really be seen in the pictures I have taken, I always try to capture different styles of pictures, pushing boundaries, I always try and take people out of their comfort zone, I am proud of the results I have achieved so far, do you think the pictures speak for themselves?


A lovely picture of a couple with great chemistry, they wanted a picture with that little something special, mystery and intrigue…


This picture was taken at a Christmas party, a Christmas works party to be precise, where the Open Photo Booth was set up, this group wanted something different from the normal group picture, so I created this dynamic picture, they loved the picture, and it is still one of my favorite pictures of a group, could they be the next Eastenders family? Just maybe.


Believe it or not this picture was taken in one shot, no posing, no effort, this young lady just walked into the booth and struck a pose, one shot, one frame, that’s all that was needed…


Tell me what you think? I’m always happy to hear what real people have to say…


I will continue this story on another day, I hope you have enjoyed reading this short article, and has given you a small insight in to my experience as a photographer.


Best wishes




When is a Photo Booth not a Photo Booth?

When your looking to make your event that little bit extra special, and you think ‘Photo Booth’!

Make sure you look for a photo booth that can deliver something special…

Pictures that you will cherish, pictures that will make you laugh for years to come, and pictures that will be fitting to be framed!

Look at this picture, what do you see?
Fun, enjoyment, picture magic?
Yes, that’s right, everything that a photo booth picture should deliver and more…
So ask yourself when was the last time you experienced a photo booth which delivered quality pictures, instead of poorly snap mug shots?
One where you and your guests will really enjoy, not just gimmicky pictures with awful tacky props, but pictures where you and your guests become the props!
This is when your event elevates to a really chic event, which will really WOW your guests, more than just an ordinary photo booth, this is when you know you have booked the Open Photo Booth by The Photo Team.
Finally a photo booth that delivers a result that will really make magic moments happen.
Whatever the occasion you might have arranged, thephototeam.co.uk team will make it an amazing event, you can trust the team to work hard with our professional photographers and imaginative pictures, we will leave nothing to chance!
You and your guests will feel like celebrities, as this is what makes our Open Photo Booths really special. They are open, socially interactive, and a truly wonderful experience for you and all your guests young and old!
Our professional photographers will pull everyone one in young and old, so everyone will enjoy every moment, they are all trained to not only take great pictures, but to make everyone laugh at the same time.
So you think you cant afford it, well think again, prices start from only £249, and with all inclusive packages starting from as little as £379, you can have it all.
So what are you waiting for?
Stop searching for a digital photo booth which will exceed expectations, because you have found the one and only Open Photo Booth by The Photo Team.
The nearest photo booth in London and Kent offers everything for any event or party or wedding occasion. Open Photo Booths is amazingly versatile and will satisfy even the toughest of guests, so just search out the openphotobooths.co.uk and add that little extra something to your event.

Make it an event that everyone will be talking about for years to come, as well as sharing their pictures on social media with out any shame!


Welcome to OpenPhotoBooths the home of Professional Photographers

Blue hair, grin on faces, boxing gloves in hand, it certainly has to be open photo booth. Time for you to make some fun, the openphotobooths.co.uk will knock you out with its punching entertainment tag as a professional open photo booth. Kelly and her friends overwhelmingly relished, What are you waiting for? 17012016SPOPB31

A call to The Photo Team for some great fun and entertainment, The Photo Team will come to all parties with their professional Open Photo Booths insights and free Props & Stuff came up with the idea of “THE KNOCK OUT OPEN PHOTO BOOTH”. This trio had some blistering moments and glittering smiles while the knockout photo shoots made their party engaging and lasting.
Whatever the occasion you might have arranged the Thephototeam.co.uk team will make it paramount, special and a worthy time for all of your friends and guests. What’s superior to anything than spreading friendly cheer? When you lease a photograph Booth for your friends or guests gathering, you’re permitting everybody who strolls through it to make an enduring token out of it. The best thing is, the greater part of that joyfulness, the majority of that sentimentality, the widely held enjoyment around the occasions, it will all be something that you and your memories will cherish these images for life long.
Searching for a digital photo booth to consistently fit into your expectations? The nearest photo booth of London and Kent offers free and custom hangings that can be styled to match any event or shading plan including any party or wedding occasion. Open Photo Booths is amazingly versatile and satisfying perfect on the off chance that, you get some facts about classified shading with no anxiety for your fun. Why looking options to hire a cheap photo booth nearby London or Kent, if you got the privileged to appreciate the affordable services of openphotobooths.co.uk.