October 2015

Christmas is fast approaching, and those that are well organised will already have planned everything out and made the appropriate booking for their work Christmas party. SO have you thought about how to really make your Christmas party really special? We think that answer is by booking the Open Photo Booth. This service will engage your guests, and give this something FUN to do, as well as giving them all a lasting memory of the PARTY!

The Open Photo Booth Hire in London and Kent is a completely unique service, very different from any other Photo Booth, we don’t just set up a box, or a stand which contains a camera which is controlled by the guests, we send you a professional photographer, this means the pictures are professionally taken, every other function works the in the same way, pictures taken can be seen straight away on a large display, and prints are delivered in seconds.

The quality of the Open Photo Booth service is truly a different service, guests will really notice the difference, show your guest how generous you are (the Open Photo Booth feels like an expensive experience), what they don’t know is the Open Photo Booth is often more competitively priced than standard photo booths, we throw in much more as standard, just look at the quality of our props!

Hire the Open Photo Booth for a really special Christmas party!

OPEN Photo Booth Vs. Standard photo booth


Photo Booth’s have become a very popular fixture at events in recent years, from weddings to birthday parties.

But the question remains are all photo booths equal?

Put simply, the answer is NO!

Most photo booths provide a variety of print styles and in main the picture quality and type remain the same, which are relatively poor quality…

The Open Photo Booth by The Photo Team is the only high quality truly OPEN Photo Booth on the market, many of the others who offer the an open service, still offer a poor quality pictures.

I here you ask why is this?

In short all they have done is take down the walls, although the camera is still mounted on a tripod, some are more fancy than others, however it remains an automated service which relies on the user taking the picture.

The Open Photo Booth service is very different, all pictures are taken by a professional photographer, this means professional results, this can be clearly seen in the prints, also the overall experience is far superior, as there is proper human interaction, and properly posed pictures in an instant.

If your looking for a photo booth, book The Open Photo Booth service, and you and your guests will not be disappointed!



SAME Service, more information, The Photo Team are always being asked lots of questions about the Open Photo Booth, so we thought we would develop a specific website that addresses the most commonly asked questions!


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